You Ain’t No Picasso tshirts now available!

One of the coolest things about running this web site is seeing orders come in for shirts from every corner of the continent. In that spirit, I’m thrilled to be able to offer YANP shirts again this spring. Colors/options have changed a bit, but the brand (American Apparel) and price ($15) have stayed the same.

Again, big thanks to my friends at Cricket Press for these excellent shirts. I loved their design so much that I turned it into the site’s header/logo!

All shirts are American Apparel and $15 plus $3 for shipping and handling. If you want one shipped outside the US, email me before placing your order and we’ll work something out. Email me (matt[at] if you’ve got any questions!

YANP green/green

YANP brown/blue

YANP black/white

YANP green/white

10 thoughts on “You Ain’t No Picasso tshirts now available!”

  1. They already are! I’ve only got mediums and larges there right now, though. Let me know if you want me to leave you a specific color/size at the store.

  2. Pierre: unfortunately I won’t be shipping outside of the US on this run, but when I do pre-orders for the next batch (probably in two weeks), we can figure it out then. Just shoot me an email when you see that I’m taking pre-orders.

  3. Oops I just ordered a small-I meant to order large in the blue/white
    Is there a way to change?

  4. Matt – check out the post office’s flat rate shipping. it’s super-cheap and awesome. you could ship a shirt international for a purdy good rate.

    dig the shirts.

  5. Unfortunately, flat rate boxes don’t really work internationally (at least not to England, in my experience). Maybe to Canada or Mexico?

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