Portugal. The Man’s new LP up for preorder!

OK, fine. This is just all-around vinyl day now. Here’s your alert that Portugal. The Man have put their new album In the Mountain In the Cloud up for preorder. All the vinyl copies come on white vinyl and there’s a lot of interesting limited-edition stuff for order in the more expensive packages.

Preorder In the Mountain In the Cloud

Battles offer “Ice Cream” 12″ in three flavors/colors

OK, since I’m apparently doing nerdy vinyl news today, this should be of interest to a lot of you.

Battles are putting out a new 12″ for their single “Ice Cream” that comes in three different flavors. Each flavor, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, comes with vinyl in that corresponding color. One thousand of each are available.

Battles: “Ice Cream” [NSFW]

Vinyl Alert: Unicorns’ WWCOHWWG pink vinyl pressing back in print!

Photo via Dead Format

I don’t normally post updates on vinyl, but I know many of my readers are about as into the Unicorns as I am. So, quick heads up: the Unicorns’ classic album Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone has gone back into print on pink vinyl. I ran across one today while alphabetizing records at CD Central (I work there, I’m not OCD) and that’s how I found out. So check your local indie store or buy one online!

Snag it from Alien8