[video] Bill Callahan: “Riding for the Feeling”

If this video was for anyone else, I wouldn’t trust it. It’s almost too calm, too relaxing. And after all, the internet has trained me to always have my guard up whether I’m looking for a ghost in a car commercial or trying to move my cursor through an online maze. But no. This is just some grade A relaxation right here. Unwind and enjoy.

[video] Fishboy: “Alyson Revere”

Two days ago I liked Fishboy’s Classic Creeps. Then I saw the video and it rose a bit in my esteem. The big breaking point was when I finally visited ClassicCreeps.com and read the whole album explained in comic form. Now I love Classic Creeps. Eric is a wildly talented dude and it shows in his songs and his comics.

Win tickets to Vandaveer’s show this Saturday

Vandaveer is making a triumphant return to Lexington this weekend with his show at Natasha’s. His new record is a fantastic display of song craftsmanship and fantastic vocals. Here’s the best part: he’s even better live. If you want to go for free, here’s your chance.

To enter to win, leave a comment with your name and email address. I’ll pick and email a winner on Friday.

UPDATE: Mark says he’ll throw in a copy of his new CD as well. So much to win!

You should plan on going to this show, win or lose. Here’s all the info you’ll need.

at Natasha’s
Saturday May 14
8pm | $10

[video] Lonely Island + Michael Bolton: “Jack Sparrow”

If I’m being honest, this is the first of the most recent Lonely Island songs that I’ve enjoyed. Maybe it’s the goofy as hell video, but whatever it is I really enjoyed the insanity.

Oh, and I should probably link to this video as it seems more inappropriately appropriate.

[video] Arcade Fire and Cyndi Lauper do “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” at Jazzfest

Well this is just about perfect. It’s not the first time the Arcade Fire have covered this song (as my collection of AF covers will attest), but it’s the first time they’ve done it with Cyndi. The collaboration went down at New Orleans’ Jazzfest this weekend.

[via CoS]