[video] tUnE-yArDs plays “You Yes You” for Yours Truly

You can’t always know upfront that something is going to be quality, but when it’s a video of tUnE-yArDs shot by Yours Truly, you can pretty much assume it’s going to be awesome. And indeed this video is just that! There’s a quick interview beforehand about where the title W H O K I L L came from, then it jumps into a fantastic live version of “You Yes You.”

[mp3/video] Of Montreal cover “My Funny Valentine”

Finally! I knew they’d been doing this one on their spring tour, but had never seen video or audio proof of it until today. Here’s Of Montreal covering “My Funny Valentine,” sung by their drummer Clayton! Thanks to TBP for the video.

MP3: Of Montreal – My Funny Valentine

And if you haven’t already downloaded the 90 covers from the Of Montreal covers archive, now would be a good time to do that!

[video] Mélanie Laurent: “En t’attendant” (or: the girl from Inglourious Basterds sings in french)

You’ll probably know Melanie Laurent better as Shosanna from Inglouious Basterds — I certainly do. But today I ran across this video for her song “En t’attendant” and fell in love again. It’s a beautiful song with a fantastic ending, but I seem to remember that half the time I post on non-English music native speakers leave comments explaining how vapid and dumb the lyrics actually are. Here’s hoping this one bucks that trend!

[video] Okkervil River do “Rider” on Letterman

The always-fantastic Okkervil River took their show to Letterman last night. This great performance (and their fantastic new record I Am Very Far) remind me that it’s been far too long since I saw the band live. It’s been almost exactly four years since my first and last time seeing them. Gotta remedy that soon…


[video] Robert Schneider gives lecture, demo of his mind-controlled synth

Remember that mind-controlled synth that Robert Schneider of the Apples in Stereo made a few months back? Here’s a video of him explaining and demonstrating it in Athens, GA. It gets a bit technical and Robert is as enthusiastic as ever, but it’s a pretty interesting way to kill 26 minutes. Performance with the device starts at the 12-minute mark.