[video] Of Montreal cover “Fell In Love With a Girl”

It’s no secret that I love covers. And really, I doubt there’s a bigger debt owed by cover lovers in the 2010s than that to The Onion’s AV Club. This cover of the White Stripes’ “Fell In Love with a Girl” by Of Montreal is the product of that wonderful project. Thanks to Cover Me for the tip.

And as soon as someone gets me an MP3 of this, I’ll add it to the collection!

[video] Yeasayer debut new song on Conan

I was in the middle of two projects when I saw that Donewaiting posted this video of a new Yeasayer song. That’s a quick way to get everything else moved to the back burner. From the sound of “Devil and the Deed,” we can expect the next record to be a big change from the last one. With the first two LPs, they’ve done a great job maintaining a strong stylistic union between songs. If they can do that with this third album it sounds like it’ll be another favorite.

[mp3/video] St. Vincent covers Big Black’s “Kerosene”

MP3: St Vincent – Kerosene (Big Black; live)

There are many reasons to live in Big Cities. One is that Sonora, Kentucky is never going to have a show like what happened last night in New York. All sorts of critically acclaimed indie/alternative bands got together to cover punk classics to honor the 10th anniversary of Michael Azerrad’s Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981-1991. There are some expected covers like Ted Leo covering Minor Threat, Dirty Projectors doing Black Flag and Titus Andronicus doing the Replacements… but this cover of Big Black’s “Kerosene” by St Vincent takes the cake. I could sleep for the next ten hours and have had a fantastic day just from this video. Cute little Annie screaming out “there’s kerosene around, find something to do” is just insanely great.

Watch a bunch of other videos from the night over at Cover Me.

[video] Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: “There Is No God” // charity single out in June

Maybe it’s the crazy side of me, but I just love that Will Oldham is putting out a single called “There Is No God” to benefit some charities. Sure, he’s pairing it with the b-side “God Is Love,” but it still makes me laugh inside.

“There Is No God” / “God Is Love” will be out 6/21 via Drag City.

[video] Ben Sollee plays for the Subway Sessions

Ben’s kept busy ever since he left our fair state. Here he is performing “Captivity” for the Subway Sessions. If nothing else, it’s worth watching for Ben’s ability to hold the cello off the floor for the entire song.

Ben’s also giving away a free remix. Just go like him on Facebook to snag that.

[video] Little Scream: “Red Hunting Jacket”

If only I hadn’t had a relaxing three-day trip to Atlanta, this wouldn’t be going almost back-to-back with my last Little Scream post. But hey, totally worth it. Here’s the official video for Little Scream’s “Red Hunting Jacket.” So watch the stop-motion beauty and then go pick up one of the year’s best records.

My Morning Jacket share trailer for One Big Holiday mini-documentary

One Big Holiday is a My Morning Jacket documentary that was filmed around the time of their Halloween 2010 show in Louisville. It talks about MMJ’s relationship with Louisville and the recording of Circuital. Here’s a quick trailer for it.

Pre-order Circuital

[video] Jonny: “You Was Me”

I never thought I’d see a team-up between a members of Teenage Fanclub and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, but I have lived long enough to see just that. I’m still soaking in their album Jonny, but I’ve had enough time to take in the video for “You Was Me,” a beautiful trip through the Welsh countryside.

Jonny will be in Louisville June 17 for those interested. Full tour dates after the break.

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Battles offer “Ice Cream” 12″ in three flavors/colors

OK, since I’m apparently doing nerdy vinyl news today, this should be of interest to a lot of you.

Battles are putting out a new 12″ for their single “Ice Cream” that comes in three different flavors. Each flavor, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, comes with vinyl in that corresponding color. One thousand of each are available.

Battles: “Ice Cream” [NSFW]