Memorial Day @ CD Central 5.30.11

CD Central’s Memorial Day party was a blast. We got psychedelic jazz from Blist Bop, raw punk from All-American Werewolves (featuring CD Central employee Mike Lunsford), the catchy-but-impenetrable rock of Trailblazer and the bluesy rock of Last Duo. Hope you made it to the event, got some free watermelon and had a great time. If not, there’s always Fourth of July and Labor Day!

Blist Bop

All-American Werewolves

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CD Central locks down Memorial Day bands

CD Central has announced the lineup for their annual Memorial Day party/cookout. This year is an even split between bands I know are good (Trailblazer and All-American Werewolves) and bands I suspect will be good (Blist Bop and Last Duo). It is, of course, all ages, free and will happen no matter what the weather.

Noon: Blist Bop
1 pm: All-American Werewolves
2 pm: Trailblazer
3 pm: Last Duo

There a lot of other stuff going on as well: parking lot sale full of $1 CDs, vinyl and other stuff, dogs both hot and veggie will be grilled up and probably some sort of sale going on. The whole thing goes down from 11am-5pm. See you there!

[VIDEO] Ben Sollee: “Electrified”

I am all about Lexington loving Lexington — and really this love is four layers deep if you include me in there. Lexingtonian Ben Sollee enlisted his neighbors Robert Beatty (Hair Police) and Coleman Guyon (Trailblazer) to whip up a music video for his song “Electrified” off his upcoming record Inclusions. It’s a really interesting thing when you ask experimental artists to soundtrack a classical-pop artist like Ben Sollee. Apparently one of the many things that can result in is a video that reacts to the changes in an artistic/organic song with some distinctly mechanical means.

Keeping up with Ben this spring has been a hefty job. I’ll try to summarize. He’s got his album up for presale and stream at Bandcamp, an opening slot for My Morning Jacket this Sunday at Memorial Coliseum and tour dates which include a very cool show at the Kentucky Theater this May.

[MP3] Trailblazer: “Don’t Need It Anyway”

Our Lexington buddy Trailblazer seems like he might be one of the busiest guys in town. He’s shot music videos for a couple bands in the area, played a few shows and now he just let me know that he’s got two cassettes coming out soon — that’s 12 new songs since his last release in fall. Here’s “Don’t Need It Anyway” off Night People.

MP3: Trailblazer – Don’t Need It Anyway

I actually posted on the video for “Don’t Need It Anway” this morning, then found out from Coleman that I had the go-ahead to share the MP3. So if you dig the song or just want to delve a little deeper into Lexington, I suggest you hit up the local section or just go straight to the Trailblazer post to check out his video and get a little more info on his upcoming releases.

[VIDEO] Trailblazer: “Don’t Need It Anyway” // Successor and Dream Operator tapes out soon

Coleman’s video for “Don’t Need It Anyway” is so simple that I knew there had to be something coming — I mean, something besides a rad song from new favorite Lexington band (I have a lot of new favorites. Often my new favorite is an old favorite, too. It’s hard to keep up). I don’t want to give anything away, but I do believe that building your expectations as to WHAT WILL HAPPEN in this video is really only going to make it funnier when you watch it.

“Don’t Need It Anyway” is from the upcoming tape Successor, which is out soon from Night People. Its twin Dream Operator will be out on Eggy Records.

Trailblazer @ Al’s Bar 3.31.11

In the future, look for reviews of small, local bands in the local section.

Given Trailblazer’s proclivity for dissonance, I figured his live show might be kind of a mess. After most bands are only weirder live, right? And that bit is at least a little true of Coleman’s shows as Trailblazer. His songs are buried under even more distortion. The are not, however, lost in the mix.

MP3: Trailblazer – Mallard

I really, really enjoyed Trailblazer’s set at Al’s Bar last week. It was more distorted than most of his recorded stuff I’ve heard, but he kept the insanity on a tight leash. And really, it was refreshing to see a one man band get to go wild on the guitar. I didn’t really know it until Thursday, but Lexington needed Trailblazer. We’ve got a varied musical community that’s always changing, but there will always be a need for Trailblazer.

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Idiot Glee, The Butchers + Trailblazer to play Al’s 3/31

The Butchers are very patriotic apparently

MP3: Idiot Glee – Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
MP3: The Butchers – You a Liah
MP3: Trailblazer – Mallard

Woo-hoo this is one sweet lineup. I hope I wind up perking up after work next Thursday so I can make it down to Al’s Bar to see three of Lexington’s finest. Idiot Glee and the Butchers I’ve seen and enjoyed, but this’ll be my first time seeing Trailblazer.

Idiot Glee / The Butchers / Trailblazer
at Al’s Bar
Thursday, 3/31