Portugal. The Man’s new LP up for preorder!

OK, fine. This is just all-around vinyl day now. Here’s your alert that Portugal. The Man have put their new album In the Mountain In the Cloud up for preorder. All the vinyl copies come on white vinyl and there’s a lot of interesting limited-edition stuff for order in the more expensive packages.

Preorder In the Mountain In the Cloud

[stream] Portugal. The Man: “Sleep Forever”

Based on what I’ve heard, In the Mountain, In the Cloud is going to be the next big evolutionary leap in Portugal. The Man’s discography. It’s partially due to the expanded production, but mostly do the the insanely diverse songwriting. Their uptempo songs will forever be my favorites, but I think “Sleep Forever” is a huge triumph. At times it’s Beatles-esque, but mostly it’s just some heart-tuggingly great music that’s both emotional and catchy. Cannot wait for this album.

In the Mountain, In the Cloud is out 7/19

Portugal. The Man: “Sleep Forever” (from In the Mountain, In the Cloud)

Portugal. The Man unveil new LP’s cover, stream first single

Now that Radiohead and Panda Bear are out of the way, it’s time for my next most anticipated release of 2011: Portugal. the Man’s In the Mountain In the Cloud. Today we finally got al the details. In the Mountain in the Cloud is out July 19 on Atlantic Records. Tracklist is below, as is a streaming copy of the first single.


1. So American
2. Floating (Time Isn’t Working My Side)
3. Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)
4. Senseless
5. Head Is a Flame (Cool With It)
6. You Carried Us (Share With Me The Sun)
7. Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujahs)
8. All Your Light (Times Like These)
9. Once Was One
10. Share With Me The Sun
11. Sleep Forever

Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)

After the jump you can listen to 30-second snippets from four songs on the album.

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Lollapalooza 2011 grabs Eminem, Foo Fighters, Coldplay

It could be because their lineup is the latest gift we’ve unwrapped, but Lollapalooza is looking like it might take the 2011 festival crown. I’m going to need a week or so to mull it over, but this looks fantastic. There’s so many acts I’ve never seen before (DFA1979, Ratatat, Lykke Li) and a lot of bands I’m not overly interested in, but would still like to see live (Deadmau5, Foo Fighters). Here’s a partial lineup for you to scan, then head to Lollapalooza’s site to see everything they’ve announced so far.

Lollapalooza 2011
Foo Fighters
My Morning Jacket
A Perfect Circle
Cee Lo Green
The Cars
Bright Eyes
Explosions in the Sky
Death From Above 1979
Lykke Li
Local Natives
Portugal the Man
Mountain Goats
Sleigh Bells
Smith Westerns

Reminder: one week left to win Portugal. The Man tix to the show of your choice!

Just a reminder that I’m running a contest to win two tickets to show of your choice on the Portugal. The Man spring 2011 tour. Five people already won early bird tickets, but you can enter for the remaining pairs by following the link below. Just leave a comment with your name, email address and city you’d like to win tickets to.

Enter to win tickets to Portugal. The Man’s spring tour!

Portugal. The Man + You Ain’t No Picasso give away a pair of tickets to each PTM spring 2011 show!

MP3: Portugal. The Man – Senseless (new; live)

Since discovering Satanic Satanist in 2009 I’ve become a big Portugal. The Man fan. They must like me at least a little bit, too, since they asked if I’d be interested in giving away two tickets to each of their non-festival North American shows this spring. In order to help spread the love and excitement for their upcoming record, I jumped at the chance. And since this is a big giveaway, it’s going to be a bit different than normal. Here’s how to win tickets.

First chance (aka ‘Early Bird’) tickets
There are two ways to enter the first part of the giveaway: friend YANP on Facebook and “Like” this contest, and follow me on Twitter and tweet the link to the contest. You can do both to be entered twice to get the Early Bird tickets. On Friday 4/15 I’ll pick 5 winners at random from my followers who liked/RTed the link to get tickets to a show of their choice. If there’s a conflict of shows desired, it’ll go to whoever gets back to me first about the tickets.

Second chance tickets
The second part is a way to give PTM fans who might not read YANP a chance to score tickets as well. To be entered to scoop up the remaining 18 pairs of tickets, just leave a comment with your name and what city/date you’d like. Be sure to enter your email address so I can contact you if you win. I’ll pick winners at random, passing over cities already claimed, until there’s a winner for each date. I’ll pick these final winners on Friday 4/22.

Best of luck to you guys! Remember to enter all three ways AND to include your email address! Here’s a 30 second teaser of a new PTM song so that even those of us who don’t get tickets are still winners. Full tour dates after the break.

Portugal. The Man: “Once Was One”

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[VIDEO] Portugal the Man play two new songs on tour, cover Destiny’s Child

Portugal. The Man: “We Got It All”

I would start this with some comment about how Portugal. The Man have been up to a lot lately, but any fan of the band would immediately say “yeah, you think?” These are some busy, busy guys. They’ve got their 2011 major-label-debut album finished, have been touring for a while and are planning to go into the studio in the near future. During this tour and the one that ended last year, they’ve been playing a few songs that we can expect to see on the next album. Here are two that I ran across on Youtube: “We Got It All” and “Carry Us All.”

And don’t forget to check out the newest new song they’ve played (and my favorite so far), “Senseless.” You can watch it and download the live MP3 right here on YANP.

Portugal. The Man: “Carry Us All”

After the break you can see a video of their keyboardist Ryan playing “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child when the rest of the band looses power during a show.

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[MP3/VIDEO] Portugal. The Man debut new song “Senseless”

I don’t know how you do it, but I tend to combat the horrible period of waiting for something you want by trying to ignore it. It usually works, though I admit to having been surprised by Christmas in the past. This time, though, it was a blessing. I’ve been trying to forget that Portugal. The Man are finished with at least one album and that it’ll be coming out this year. That made it all the more exciting to stumble upon this new song that the group played in Austin.

MP3: Portugal. The Man – Senseless (new; live)

“Senseless” sounds incredible. It’s at the Satanic Satanist-level of rock for them. If this is on the next album — which it only makes sense that it would be — then I’m sure it’ll be another in a long series of classics by them.

Portugal. The Man announce spring tour dates

Portugal. The Man are a band that’s always on tour or recording. They finished recording and now they’re ready to jump back on tour. They’ve got dates that start a week from now and stretch all the way to Bonnaroo in June. Catch ’em live as many times as you’re able, my friend.

See PTM’s tour schedule after the break.

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