Oregon Bike Trails’ Zach Yudin // the YANP interview

MP3: Oregon Bike Trails – High School Lover

Oregon Bike Trails is the reason I started doing interviews again. It’d been months since I did one, but as soon as I heard these songs I knew I had to talk to the guy. So even though Zach doesn’t have a record label or any physical releases yet, I had to interview the guy.

Zach Yudin of Oregon Bike Trail :: the You Ain’t No Picasso interview

Let’s get the basics out of the way early on: can you tell us a little about yourself? Who you are and where you currently live.

I’m Zach Yudin, I am a college graduate who lives and works in Santa Monica, Ca. I like to surf, ride my bike, eat Mexican food.

Even though there must be a dozen bands out there with places in their names that have no relation to where the group is based (of Montreal, Architecture in Helsinki, etc), I was still fooled into assuming you were from Oregon. What made a California resident who writes beach-and-sun pop songs to get his band name from bike paths of the Pacific Northwest?

When I was a kid my family and I went on a summer vacation to Sun River, Oregon. My brother and I biked everywhere on these really cool intricate bike trails that went all through the town. I think those images have sort of stuck with me. When I was thinking of a band name Oregon Bike Trails sort of popped into my head, and I liked it.

Is Oregon Bike Trails your first band? How long have you been writing/recording music? Have you performed live as OBT?

I’ve been writing and recording music for about 5 years, and have had quite a few different bands/ musical projects. OBT was just another one of those projects. Officially starting on Jan. 18 2011, that was the day I posted my first song online through ‘BandCamp. I have performed live, although, I am still trying to piece together a band for future shows.

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[MP3/VIDEO] Oregon Bike Trails: “High School Lover”

In a way, it’s kind of weird. Normally I go to SXSW to find my next favorite band, but the year I miss it is the year I find Oregon Bike Trails. The few OBT songs that have made their way online have blown my mind wide open. This is my favorite new band of 2011 and one that I bet you’ll kick yourself if you miss out on. So check out “High School Lover” and then go download “Swimsuit” which I blogged about last week.

MP3: Oregon Bike Trails – High School Lover
The main thing that sets Oregon Bike Trails apart from his nostalgic throwback pop peers is that I believe everything. Zach Yudin’s songs are so complete and full during their 3+ minute span that I feel like I’ve just watched a well edited montage of kids on summer break during the 60s and 70s. “High School Lover” has slowly weaseled its way to become my favorite OBT song. It reveals a great narrative that’s pretty much universal: high school, regret and all the feelings tied up in both. A lot of bands are doing this stuff right now, but Oregon Bike Trails is the only one doing it right.

Oregon Bike Trails on Bandcamp

Oregon Bike Trails: “High School Lover”

[MP3] Oregon Bike Trails: “Swimsuit”

I was writing a post when this popped up in my RSS reader. I hit play and within 10 seconds I had saved the first post to a draft and started writing this one. Hell, the song isn’t even done playing yet and I’m already burning through this opening paragraph. That’s how much I already love this song.

MP3: Oregon Bike Trails – Swimsuit
I think this guy must’ve had a similar musical foundation as mine. Each song of his reminds me of a different 60s pop song mixed with a contemporary approach to songwriting, melody and production. The mix, thankfully, is a perfect soundtrack for our generation’s adventures in the sun. “Swimsuit” recalls the best parts of Vampire Weekend, Cults and Tennis. I have a feeling this is the beginning of something fantastic.

Snag more free OBT at his Bandcamp page

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