[MP3] Domo Genesis + Hodgy Beats: “TANGGOLF”

Two minutes after I finished a book, I’m listening to this new track from OFWGKTA’s Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats. It was just posted to their Tumblr. Welcome to 2011. We hear the best new rap tracks from the same place we go to find pictures of lesbians who look like Justin Bieber.

MP3: Domo Genesis + Hodgy Beats – TANGGOLF
It’s a quick track that gets spread over the instrumentals of a RZA Liquid Swords track . It’s an interesting nod that’ll probably get over-examined with all the OFWGKTA-Wu comparisons that have been tossed around lately. Great track, though. Also probably the only time poor Amanda Knox will get a rap shout-out.