[mp3] Of Montreal: “Fell In Love With a Girl”

Some kind readers send me the rip of Of Montreal’s cover of the White Stripes as soon as I posted a request for it. You guys are great. Too bad I spaced on posting it until today. But better late than never. Here’s Of Montreal tackling the classic White Stripes song.

MP3: Of Montreal – Fell In Love With A Girl (White Stripes Cover)

Grab dozens of other Of Montreal covers in my covers collection.

K Ishibashi from Of Montreal shares solo songs

Believe it or not, I’m not really up on all the backing members of Of Montreal at the moment. That’s why when I saw their facebook page announce something about “K’s solo project” I thought they meant Kevin’s and, uh, isn’t Of Montreal already his solo project? But after a quick trip to Wikipedia, I learned they meant K Ishibashi! Duh.

Stream Kishi Bashi’s new songs on Bandcamp

He’s also touring with Sondre Lerche this summer. Tour dates after the break.

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[video] Of Montreal cover “Fell In Love With a Girl”

It’s no secret that I love covers. And really, I doubt there’s a bigger debt owed by cover lovers in the 2010s than that to The Onion’s AV Club. This cover of the White Stripes’ “Fell In Love with a Girl” by Of Montreal is the product of that wonderful project. Thanks to Cover Me for the tip.

And as soon as someone gets me an MP3 of this, I’ll add it to the collection!

[mp3/video] Of Montreal cover “My Funny Valentine”

Finally! I knew they’d been doing this one on their spring tour, but had never seen video or audio proof of it until today. Here’s Of Montreal covering “My Funny Valentine,” sung by their drummer Clayton! Thanks to TBP for the video.

MP3: Of Montreal – My Funny Valentine

And if you haven’t already downloaded the 90 covers from the Of Montreal covers archive, now would be a good time to do that!

Of Montreal covers archive updated with 5 new songs!

MP3: Of Montreal – I’m So Tired (Beatles)

After a generous donation of five covers by E6 Townhall member Freek, the Of Montreal Covers Archive is a little closer to being complete. Everything from the Beatles and Jackson 5 to Buffalo Springfield and Bat for Lashes. Check it out!

Grab all 80+ covers at the Of Montreal Covers Archive

[video] Punch Brothers do Of Montreal’s “Gronlandic Edit”

Mind. Blown. For some reason this is even more insane to me than it was when Beck covered “Wraith Pinned to the Mist.” Here’s a well thought out, expertly executed cover of Of Montreal’s “Gronlandic Edit” done by the americana/bluegrass band Punch Brothers.

Of Montreal stream new song from thecontrollersphere

I’ll be honest with you guys: I already thought thecontrollersphere was in stores. As an Of Montreal fan and a record store employee, you’d think that’d be crazy. But no. That’s how scatterbrained I am. But for those of you who still haven’t heard the weirdness and genius insanity left over from False Priest, here’s another peek from the EP.

Stream “Flunkt Sass Vs. The Root Plume” at NPR.org

And speaking of False Priest, here’s some photos I took of Kevin Barnes recording part of the album with Jon Brion that I’d imagine a lot of you haven’t seen.

Of Montreal cover Buffalo Springfield for Record Store Day 7″

You’d think that, being a record store employee and music blogger, I’d have a pretty good idea what’s coming out on Record Store Day (Saturday April 16). Color me surprised at this Of Montreal / Casiokids split featuring an oM cover of Buffalo Springfield’s “Expecting to Fly.” I’ll add it to the Of Montreal covers archive after RSD. For now you can stream it over at P4K.

Head to Pitchfork to stream Of Montreal’s cover of Buffalo Springfield