[mp3] NewVillager: “Say the Code”

Still really excited for NewVillaer’s upcoming record. Here’s another new one that’s surfaced from it.

MP3: NewVillager – Say the Code
Of all the NewVillager songs we’ve heard so far, this one is probably the most adventurous. It’s still pretty catchy, but “Say the Code” lives up to their artsy backgrounds. Hypnotic vocals and strong percussion show us a bit more about NewVillager, but the low lows and high highs vocals tie it all together.

NewVillager on Myspace

Oh yeah. Don’t forget to check out that video for “Lighthouse” if you haven’t seen it yet.

[MP3] NewVillager: “Rich Doors”

Judging by how many people came to my last NewVillager post, I’d say they must’ve done a great job at SXSW. NewVillager’s upcoming record is one of my most anticipated releases of 2011. Here’s a second track from it.

MP3: NewVillager – Rich Doors
In what might be the craziest combo/metaphor I’ve suggested yet, “Rich Doors” seems to alternate between Matt Berninger (the National) low vocals and Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal) highs. It sounds like madness, but it works really well in the frame NewVillager build up.

This track’s great, but I really have to suggest that you grab “Lighthouse” and watch the video. That’s going to be one of my favorites of the year.

[VIDEO/MP3] NewVillager: “LightHouse”

MP3: NewVillager – LightHouse

On Tuesday I told you NewVillager’s new song “LightHouse” would be one to watch. Turns out that the official debut of the MP3 and video was just three days later! Crazy. The track is like a collaboration between Owen Pallett and the Hidden Cameras. Man, just saying that gives me chills — and so does this song.

Stereogum debuted the video and MP3.

[VIDEO] New Villager do new song “Lighthouse”

This may be a recording from 2009, but it seems like this group will be ready to explode in 2011. This is a pretty basic take on the track — being that they’re a two-man operation — but even with this recording you can tell that it’s probably going to wind up as an amazing track. I’m excited to see what these guys have to offer with their studio work. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.