[mp3] Howth: “I Will Always Love You” (Dolly Parton)

Hours after my first post on Howth, I was sent this cover he did of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” I would’t have put the pair together, but I’m glad he decided to tackle this one — it makes for great listening.

MP3: Howth – I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton)
This cover starts off so drained that when each chorus offers a little bit more brightness into the mix, the effect is really palpable. Even though the last chorus is really only marginally triumphant on its own, the rise from soul sucking sadness to confidence is astounding. It’s a great parallel to the depression-acceptance transition following a breakup.

Howth on Bandcamp

[mp3/video] Flaming Lips cover “Kids” with MGMT

MP3: Flaming Lips + MGMT – Kids

I wanted to go to Memphis’ Beale Street Music Festival, but didn’t realize quite how far away it was from Lexington. But man, seeing the Flaming Lips joined by MGMT to play “Kids” kind of makes me wish that I had make the trip. Video and audio isn’t 100% fantastic, but I think you’ll agree that it’s certainly enjoyable.

[mp3] Z-Trip’s All Access Beastie Boys Mega Mix

Today was fantastic. Spent hours at the Cincinnati Zoo seeing baby animals doing incredible things — it was the baby giraffe’s second day out! — and then ate at a fantastic local restaurant. What should the third part to this great day be? A mix of some of my favorite rappers by one of my favorite remix artists. Z-Trip really put his all into this fantastic 23-minute mix of classic and new Beastie Boys tracks. Super thumbs up for starting with “Paul Revere.”

Download Z-Trip’s All Access Beastie Boys Mega Mix at his Bandcamp page

In addition to the fact that he was asked by the Beasties to do this mix, here are three others that he wanted to share:

Factoid #1 – This is a real Beasties, Z-Trip fan.

Factoid #2- Z-Trip uses a bit of the WBLS show he first heard the Beasties on in the megamix.

Factoid #3- Z-Trip had the opening slot on the Beasties/Rage Against The Machine tour in 2000. Then RATM went on hiatus and the tour was canceled.

[video] Student orchestra does incredible Daft Punk medley

MP3: Trinity Orchestra – Daft Punk medley

Incredible. In February of this year, the students of the Trinity Orchestra of Dublin performed a medley of Daft Punk songs. It sounds flawless and is shot beautifully. I hope this isn’t the last work of this kind that we see from them.

[mp3/video] the Decemberists cover Fruit Bats’ “When You Love Somebody”

I was bummed that I had to miss both the Decemberists’ and New Pornographers’ shows last night. I did, however, find this video of the Decemberists covering the Fruit Bats’ song “When You Love Somebody” from a week or so ago.

MP3: the Decemberists – When You Love Somebody (Fruit Bats)

Of course this is just another in a long line of covers by the Decemberists. Check out my collection of over 50 covers they’ve done.

[mp3] Howth: “Needles and Pins”

Just ran across this lovely track out there in the wilderness of the internet. It’s pretty great what you can find when you stay up a bit longer than you’d intended. PS: this band’s name is 600% funnier if you imagine someone is holding their tongue and saying the name of medical drama on the Fox network.

MP3: Howth- Needles and Pins
No, this isn’t a cover of the Searcher’s classic “Needles and Pins” — which you might remember either from the Ramones cover of the way the Searchers said the title as “needles and pin-za” You don’t normally hear too much fuzz in folk songs (Blitzen Trapper do it well), but Howth put it to great use in this one. It adds a ragged edge to the color and life of the main sections. I’ve yet to pick up the band’s self-titled album, but I might have to do just that after hearing this a couple times…

Howth on Bandcamp

the Fleet Foxes covers archive :: 18 covers and counting!

With the Fleet Foxes’ Helplessness Blues on the horizon, I figured now would be an excellent time to put this into the world. Here are all the Fleet Foxes covers I could in my first sweep through the internet. Some of these are Robin solo, some are from his solo project White Antelope, but I decided to label them all as “Fleet Foxes” to save myself a headache. Maybe I should have gone with the “Robin Pecknold covers archive,” but chances are you wouldn’t have found it then.

UPDATE: Added a cover of BOAT’s “Clogged Castle.”

The Fleet Foxes/Robin Pecknold Covers Archive

MP3: Fleet Foxes – Albatross (Fleetwood Mac)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Be Yourself (Gram Nash)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – The Book of Love (Magnetic Fields)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Clogged Castle (BOAT)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Crayon Angels (Judee Sill)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Early in the Morning (Harry Nilsson)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – False Knight on the Road (trad.)
MP3: Fleet Foxes w/Wilco – I Shall be Released (Dylan)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – It Ain’t Me Babe (Dylan)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Katie Cruel (trad.)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Lonesome Road (Gene Austin)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – My Only Son (Duncan Browne)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Oh, Sister (Bob Dylan)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – On a Good Day (Newsom)
MP3: Fleet Foxes w/Joanna Newsom – Picture (Rock/Crow)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Silver Dagger (trad.)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Two Headed Boy (Neutral Milk Hotel)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Where Is My Wild Rose? (Chris Thompson)

And one that can’t be labeled “Fleet Foxes” since this predates the band by a good bit:

MP3: Robin Pecknold + Aaron Mannino – Let Down (Radiohead)

If you’ve got anything I’m missing, drop it in an email to me or leave a link in the comments here. Thanks!

[video] Punch Brothers do Of Montreal’s “Gronlandic Edit”

Mind. Blown. For some reason this is even more insane to me than it was when Beck covered “Wraith Pinned to the Mist.” Here’s a well thought out, expertly executed cover of Of Montreal’s “Gronlandic Edit” done by the americana/bluegrass band Punch Brothers.

[mp3s] Flaming Lips share 4 new songs via gummy skulls

I say it often, but it’s exceptionally true now: there’s never a bad time to be a Flaming Lips fan. These guys are always treating us to weird beauty wrapped in psychedelic insanity. The latest edition: five gummy skulls with USB drives inside containing four new songs — sold at 4:20pm on 4/20 of course. Thanks to Psych Explorations‘s youtube uploads, we can hear them even though we weren’t one of the lucky five.

Flaming Lips – Gummy Skull EP (youtube rips) [LINKS REMOVED]
MP3: Flaming Lips – Drug Chart
MP3: Flaming Lips – In Our Bodies In Our Heads
MP3: Flaming Lips – Walk With Me
MP3: Flaming Lips – Hillary’s Time Machine

I don’t ever post full albums for people to download, but seeing as they only made five copies of these available I figured that I can put this up until they announce it’s going into full scale release. I know real fans will be dying to get the physical release instead of some youtube rips, right guys?