[mp3] COOLRUNNINGS: “Fool Moon” & “Rusk” (demos)

In the wake of how fantastic Dracula Is Only the Beginning was, I’d already started jonesing for my next COOLRUNNINGS fix. Luckily WTD stepped up by sharing these two new tracks.

MP3: COOLRUNNINGS – Rusk (demo)
Both of these tracks are a bit different from what DIOTB led me to expect. “Rusk” is a slow guitar rocker that borders on drone at times, while “Fool Moon” is a relaxing keyboard dream-pop song. Good to have both in the iTunes library; now if only I could start buying their stuff on wax…


[mp3] Little Scream: “Heron & the Fox”

Little Scream will probably go down in history as the most I’ve ever been impressed by an opener. Her set was incredible, start to finish. And though it’s been a long time since her show at MusicNOW, now’s the fun part: this is when I get to dive right into her album.

MP3: Little Scream – Heron & the Fox
What immediately struck me about Little Scream’s live show and record was the great dynamic range that she makes seem effortless. On “Heron & the Fox,” she shows off her softer side. In addition to perfectly capturing the delicate nature of folk music, she’s also got that roving spirit down on lock. I’d read an On the Road style book written by Little Scream if she could keep this level of writing up.

Little Scream on Bandcamp

[mp3] Native America: “Just Add Water”

I snagged this track over at Pasta Primavera. If you dig it, head over there to download another!

MP3: Native America – Just Add Water
I’ve found that when most people say that a song “sounds like Grizzly Bear” they mean that it sounds like an Ed Droste song. I’d like to get a little more specific here and say that Native America sounds like what I would imagine Grizzly Bear would have sounded like if Daniel Rossen had been involved on Horn of Plenty. It’s rough, there’s some wonderful guitar parts and it’s very relaxing.

Native America on Bandcamp

[mp3/video] Of Montreal cover “My Funny Valentine”

Finally! I knew they’d been doing this one on their spring tour, but had never seen video or audio proof of it until today. Here’s Of Montreal covering “My Funny Valentine,” sung by their drummer Clayton! Thanks to TBP for the video.

MP3: Of Montreal – My Funny Valentine

And if you haven’t already downloaded the 90 covers from the Of Montreal covers archive, now would be a good time to do that!

[mp3] Mutual Benefit: “Funnel of Love”

After my first post about Mutual Benefit, I knew I was going to have to keep an eye on them. Good thing, too, since it was only a few days later that I ran into this Wanda Jackson cover.

MP3: Mutual Benefit – Funnel of Love

This is from a compilation of Wanda Jackson covers that you can download over at LYFSTYL’s Bandcamp page. Enjoy!

[mp3] Fortunetellers: “Make It Easy”

I joined Reddit a month or so ago, but this is the first time I’ve found a good, previously-unheard band within its pages.

MP3: Fortunetellers – Make it Easy
I’m really liking the simplicity in this track. That plus the keyboard reminds me of Page France circa 2006. It’s a darling, worry-free tune that will surely add a little bounce to your step.

Fortunetellers on Bandcamp

[mp3] My Morning Jacket: “Holdin On to Black Metal”

If KEXP is giving away the MP3 then I figure it must be fair game to post at this point.

MP3: My Morning Jacket – Holdin On To Black Metal
I don’t know why it surprises me, but My Morning Jacket’s R&B-by-the-way-of-classic-rock track “Holdin On to Black Metal” is just fantastic. It’s less about black metal and more about the trappings of youth which often refuse to let go once they’ve taken hold. And though Jim — or at least our narrator — sees Black Metal as a sign of youth and arrested development, I know a lot of guys who come in the record store who seem pretty grown up to me. Still, it’s hard to argue with a point when it’s made with such all-around solid instrumentals. I mean seriously, every instrument in this song is playing a memorable riff.

Circuital is out May 31. It is awesome.

Of Montreal covers archive updated with 5 new songs!

MP3: Of Montreal – I’m So Tired (Beatles)

After a generous donation of five covers by E6 Townhall member Freek, the Of Montreal Covers Archive is a little closer to being complete. Everything from the Beatles and Jackson 5 to Buffalo Springfield and Bat for Lashes. Check it out!

Grab all 80+ covers at the Of Montreal Covers Archive