[MP3] White Denim: “Drug”

Thanks to GvB for this track. It’s the first from White Denim’s upcoming album D, which I can only hope means that all the songs on it start with the fourth letter of the alphabet like the Magnetic Fields did with i.

MP3: White Denim – Drug
Unless you really squint to see the fine details in “Drug,” you might think it’s from a different band. They focus more on vocals on this one and even through in an acoustic guitar. The studio version is pretty good, but I’d really like to see this one live. I’m sure the energy and psych-rock guitar parts would get amped up considerably.

[MP3] Vandaveer: “Concerning Past and Future Conquests” // Dig Down Deep out April 26

Former-but-always Lexingtonian Vandaveer has a new album that’s just about ready for our ears. He’s offering this first MP3 up to anyone who signs up for his guestlist. I’ve decided to be slightly presumptuous and post it here, but if you dig him, do the right thing and sign up.

MP3: Vandaveer – Concerning Past and Future Conquests
Vandaveer’s always been a slow, gentle songwriter, but this on this one he’s even more introspective than normal. When I read the title, I figured this would be a High Fidelityish take on former women — but that seemed unlikely knowing how he is. Turns out it’s a bit more in line with a personal assessment of himself.

My Morning Jacket coming to Lexington in April!

Shazam! My Morning Jacket are set to play their first Lexington show in… well, in a very long time. The Student Activities Board of the University of Kentucky just announced that MMJ will be playing Memorial Coliseum on Sunday, April 17. Ticket info is a little confusing (as is normal with college shows), so I suggest you check out the official notice and figure out your best bet over there.

Student tickets go on sale Monday March 7 and are $25 for floor and $20 for upper arena. General public tickets are $50/45.

To prepare yourself, I suggest hitting up the My Morning Jacket covers archive where I have over 70 covers the band has performed. Here’s one of my favorites.

MP3: My Morning Jacket – Hit It And Quit It (Funkadelic)

[MP3] Gobble Gobble: “Lawn Knives”

I picked this up today from a friend. I know next to nothing about the group, but hey — I started this site so we could all discover music together. I feel no shame admitting that all I know about this band is what I picked up from their insanely painful Myspace page.

MP3: Gobble Gobble – Lawn Knives
A thought crept into my head during the fourth listen to “Lawn Knives” and I can’t get it out. It was that Gobble Gobble sounds like Handsome Furs and Sunset Rubdown collaborating (but does NOT sound like Wolf Parade), under the condition that it was done when Spencer and Dan were both 15. It’s energetic, crowded in an oddly appealing way and really just a beautiful mess.

I’ve been told Gobble Gobble are quite good live. Well, technically I’ve read that they’re like “nothing I’ve ever seen.” The following video proves that at least that much is true. Looks like a wild time!

Beach House’s new song is my favorite Beach House song

Beach House debuted a fantastic new tune over the weekend. I’m a moderate Beach House fan, but this one seems like it could be the one that tips me into rabid fandom. It’s got some meat to its bones without losing their etherial quality. Can’t wait for a studio version. Until then, here’s a live MP3.

MP3: Beach House – New Song (live 2.25.11)

[MP3] Widowspeak: “Harsh Realm”

Thanks to GvB for shining a light on this one. Captured Tracks has 500 copies of this on white vinyl — quite tempting despite my dwindling finances.

MP3: Widowspeak – Harsh Realm
Chalk “Harsh Realm” up among those contemporary tunes that feel like an unearthed vintage cool-as-hell track. You know — like something you’d hear as incidental music in a Tarantino film. Only “Harsh Realm” is slowed down 1.5x from what I’d say is normally the speed of this category. Use this to soundtrack your next windows-down cruise through town under the speed limit.

[MP3] All Smiles: “Sun, Number One” // (Jim from Modest Mouse/Grandaddy)

I got a really nice letter from Jim Fairchild (Modest Mouse, formerly of Grandaddy) the other day. I was unaware of his solo project All Smiles, but I knew I had to check it out about three lines into the letter. On the new record, Staylow and Mighty, Jim rounded up his bandmate Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse/Mister Heavenly) and Danny Seim (Menomena) to help out. I’ve only heard a few tracks, but they’re enough to get me excited. It’s coming out digitally and on vinyl March 1, but iTunes has it up already this week.

MP3: All Smiles – Sun, Number One
It’s songs like “Sun, Number One” that make me hate labeling music. Not because it’s a mind-melting combination of genres, but that it’s some good, straight-forward music. This is basically the folkiest side of “indie rock” at its purest, but that just proves how poor of a label that is. Really there’s no stylistic difference between Jim and thousands of other guys who sat down with a guitar. The only difference is that unlike the majority of songwriters, he’s actually really good at this. So enjoy a catchy track with some Danny Seim backing vocals. The only label I could apply easily to this is “springtime music,” which is just some great timing.

Hit up All Smiles for any bit of info you could want on Staylow and Mighty There are some great preorder packages (including socks!), four songs to stream and another one to download.