Why are the Meat Puppets opening for Slightly Stoopid?

Slightly Stoopid with Meat Puppets
Wednesday, April 27
9 p.m., $20 adv./$25 DOS, 18+

Let me ask the same question in a slightly different way: why is a band that Nirvana made famous opening for a band that Sublime made famous? It’s a really great question, and one I don’t know how to answer, but the Puppets are touring in support of their new release Lollipop and I guess Slightly Stoopid is still riding off the success of their 2008 collection Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid. Regardless of how much sense this makes, Meat Puppets (who got their big break more than a decade into their career, when Nirvana covered three of their songs for the classic 1993 MTV Unplugged album – “Plateau,” “Lake of Fire” and “Oh Me”) still know how to write great songs and put on a killer show, and are worth the 20-spot cover charge in their own rite.