[mp3s] Je Suis France offer new LP for free

Well, it’s not really free so much as it is pay-what-you-want; it’s just that “free” is going to get so many more people to check it out. Je Suis France’s new album Let’s Give Em Something To Talk About is out now on Bandcamp. They also have some really unique pricing options to reward those fans who pay for the album…

$5 – You get a FREE TSHIRT
$10 – You get a copy of the album on Vinyl & a FREE SHIRT!!
$1000 – You get to ride around in the back of a Uhaul partying with the France (with a keg) while we try to play a private show back there.

Really hoping one of you goes for that $1K option just so I can hear what it’s like.

Download/buy Je Suis France’s Let’s Give Em Something To Talk About