Idiot Glee’s Paddywhack LP release show is Friday!

I kind of feel bad using these photos to represent Idiot Glee. He doesn’t usually dress like he’s ready to do a Fleetwood Mac covers show. But you can see for yourself how he dresses this Friday when he plays his album release show at Cosmic Charlies.

Idiot Glee
w/Matt Duncan, Butchers and Attempt
Friday, June 3
at Cosmic Charlies
9:00pm | $5 | 21+

And since it’s the album release, you can pick up the full length Paddywhack LP that’s out on Hop Hop.

[mp3 premiere] Idiot Glee: “Trouble at the Dancehall”

Super psyched to be premiering Idiot Glee’s “Trouble at the Dancehall” off his upcoming album Paddywhack. It’s had a special spot in my heart ever since I first heard him do it live. I just did an interview with him (I’ll post it soon) and he said the track was originally written around a loop of Sandy Nelson’s “Teen Beat” and then reworked for the album.

MP3 Idiot Glee – Trouble At The Dacehall
Though James couldn’t be further from a 50s greaser, that’s what I always picture when I listen to “Trouble at the Dancehall.” Its sad, soulful melody always makes me think of troubled teens in post-Rebel Without a Cause movies. And while James may not be a rebel, this is certainly a classic.

Idiot Glee on Bandcamp

Paddywhack is out June 7 via Moshi Moshi.

Meetwood Flac and C.O.P.S. do covers sets Saturday at Al’s

Idiot Glee as Fleetwood Mac

Who doesn’t love covers? Lexington sure loves them, as evidenced by the one-two covers punch tomorrow night at Al’s.

Meetwood Flac
w/ C.O.P.S. (Covers Of Punk Songs)
Saturday April 29, 2011
Al’s Bar of Lexington
600 N Limestone
$3 | 21+

Fleetwood Mac covers, with new covers off of Tusk
Members of Attempt, Rat King, Idiot Glee, and Ara.

Covers. Of. Punk. Songs. Members of Rat King, Candy, and more.

Two Two Tuesdays: Idiot Glee, The Tall Boys, and Englishman play out tomorrow

The Gleeful Idiot (Photo by Coleman Guyon)
The Gleeful Idiot (Photo by Coleman Guyon)

Who needs the weekend? Two separate shows, both with supreme line-ups, are taking place early this week on Tuesday. Local pop-star, Idiot Glee will be playing with Prussia and Child Bite at Cosmic Charlie’s while The Tall Boys and Englishman throw down with Toy Soldier at Al’s Bar. Don’t miss out on some of Lexington’s finest!

Idiot Glee / Prussia / Child Bite
at Cosmic Charlie’s
Tuesday, 4/12
$5 | 18+ | 9pm


The Tall Boys / Englishman / Toy Soldier
at Al’s Bar
Tuesday, 4/12
$5 | 18+ | 8pm

Idiot Glee: “Deep Descent”

Idiot Glee’s new “Don’t Go Out Tonight” 7″ now available, includes Fleetwood Mac cover and Women collab

For a guy whose album isn’t out yet, Idiot Glee sure has a lot of releases. He’s got at least three cassettes, songs on various compilations and now three 7″ singles — the latest of which is clearly the coolest.

Small Plates is putting out James’ third single, “Don’t Go Out Tonight.” You can snag it over here if you’re aleady sold, but please read on otherwise. This has the title track as the a-side and the flip side features a live recording of Idiot Glee and Women playing “Don’t Drink the Water” and a studio recording of a cover of the Fleetwood Mac song “That’s Alright For Everyone.”

To stream all three tracks, head over to Prefix. To order the album, head to Small Plates or wait a few weeks and get it from CD Central.

And Lexingtonians/Cage the Elephant fans might recognize that cover art as one from R Clint Colburn.

Idiot Glee posts new non-album songs for streaming

If it seems tortuous to wait until June for Idiot Glee’s new album Paddywhack, you might find that this news will make it a bit easier. James Friley, Idiot Glee’s frontman and onlyman, just posted his new cassette Do You Wanna Go? to his Bandcamp page.

It’s available for sale online at Impose and physically at CD Central in Lexington. He’s also go another one at CD Central, though the name of that one escapes me at the moment. There are only four or five of both at the record store, though, so hurry if you’re looking to get them that way!

Stream Idiot Glee’s Do You Wanna Go? cassette

Idiot Glee, The Butchers + Trailblazer to play Al’s 3/31

The Butchers are very patriotic apparently

MP3: Idiot Glee – Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
MP3: The Butchers – You a Liah
MP3: Trailblazer – Mallard

Woo-hoo this is one sweet lineup. I hope I wind up perking up after work next Thursday so I can make it down to Al’s Bar to see three of Lexington’s finest. Idiot Glee and the Butchers I’ve seen and enjoyed, but this’ll be my first time seeing Trailblazer.

Idiot Glee / The Butchers / Trailblazer
at Al’s Bar
Thursday, 3/31