Guards to release new Resolution of One EP May 16!

Guards have a new three-song EP coming out next week on Kitsuné records. Resolution of One pulls the title track from the Guards album and combines it with the new new tracks “Hear Your Call” and “Swimming After Dark.”

For those who didn’t catch it the first time around, check out my interview with Richie Follin of Guards/Cults/Willowz. He’s a great dude and those are all great bands.

Guards on Bandcamp

Richie Follin of Guards, Willowz & Cults // the YANP Interview

Photo by Karly Grawin

I didn’t put it together until this year, but I admired Richie Follin’s work years before Cults or Guards put Bandcamp on the map. When I went to CMJ in 2006, his band Willowz opened for the Mooney Suzuki and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately for me I didn’t follow up, otherwise the greatness of Cults might not have been such a shot from left field in early 2010.

MP3: Guards – Sail It Slow (feat. Madeline Follin)
MP3: Cults – Most Wanted

In the past 13 months, Cults have shot into major label orbit, Guards went from bedroom project to critically-acclaimed effort and Willowz quietly prepared to tour and record again. Yet when it’s time for Richie to chat, he makes it seem like he’s got all the time in the world — the true sign of a great guy.

Richie Follin of Guards, Willowz and Cults :: the YANP Interview

Guards and Cults both went from zero to sixty thanks to internet exposure. What’s that sudden lift like? Do you remember how you found out or realized that your EP was being posted all over the internet?

It’s really weird for me to see how it all works now just compared to just 10 years ago…It’s amazing how fast from the time you record something to posting it up on the internet people get to hear your music. It eliminates the need for touring every city to bring people something. I guess the internet has done that with everything…no more door to door salesmen. My step father has a saying now that goes, “everyone will be famous in 15 minutes”.

When your bandcamp page really got a lot of attention, there wasn’t much info to go on. Did any over eager writers or new fans get anything hilariously wrong?

The bandcamp format just has no “bio” section so I think a lot of people thought Cults and Guards were trying to be a lot more mysterious than we really were. People are still getting stuff wrong haha…a lot of the live reviews we get the writers seem to think Madeline is in Guards , but she isn’t…When Cults first posted that bandcamp page a lot of people were emailing the manager asking if it was me…So there has been a lot of confusion, but that seems to happen even when you post a bio. hehe.

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