Fleet Foxes sponsor LP release events in indie record stores

MP3: Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

Normally I think that listening parties and other such events are a waste of time in the 2010s. Who is really drawn in to a store to listen to an album that leaked weeks ago? However, Fleet Foxes and Sub Pop found a way to spice it up: they’re offering white vinyl pressings (only 200 made) for giveaway at participating record stores. This is one of the rare times I wish I didn’t work at an independent record store — now I’m ineligible for the contest! But hey, I know it’ll go to a good home. There are also screen prints and the sold out Record Store Day 12″ single from Fleet Foxes. So hit up one of these stores on May 3rd!

For a full list of participating record stores, head to subpop.com and yes, CD Central in Lexington is participating.

the Fleet Foxes covers archive :: 18 covers and counting!

With the Fleet Foxes’ Helplessness Blues on the horizon, I figured now would be an excellent time to put this into the world. Here are all the Fleet Foxes covers I could in my first sweep through the internet. Some of these are Robin solo, some are from his solo project White Antelope, but I decided to label them all as “Fleet Foxes” to save myself a headache. Maybe I should have gone with the “Robin Pecknold covers archive,” but chances are you wouldn’t have found it then.

UPDATE: Added a cover of BOAT’s “Clogged Castle.”

The Fleet Foxes/Robin Pecknold Covers Archive

MP3: Fleet Foxes – Albatross (Fleetwood Mac)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Be Yourself (Gram Nash)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – The Book of Love (Magnetic Fields)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Clogged Castle (BOAT)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Crayon Angels (Judee Sill)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Early in the Morning (Harry Nilsson)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – False Knight on the Road (trad.)
MP3: Fleet Foxes w/Wilco – I Shall be Released (Dylan)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – It Ain’t Me Babe (Dylan)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Katie Cruel (trad.)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Lonesome Road (Gene Austin)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – My Only Son (Duncan Browne)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Oh, Sister (Bob Dylan)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – On a Good Day (Newsom)
MP3: Fleet Foxes w/Joanna Newsom – Picture (Rock/Crow)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Silver Dagger (trad.)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Two Headed Boy (Neutral Milk Hotel)
MP3: Fleet Foxes – Where Is My Wild Rose? (Chris Thompson)

And one that can’t be labeled “Fleet Foxes” since this predates the band by a good bit:

MP3: Robin Pecknold + Aaron Mannino – Let Down (Radiohead)

If you’ve got anything I’m missing, drop it in an email to me or leave a link in the comments here. Thanks!

[VIDEO] Robin Pecknold covers Radiohead at age 17

I was poking around Youtube for a super secret project that you can probably guess, when I found this video of a 17-year-old Robin Pecknold covering Radiohead’s “Let Down” with his friend Aaron Mannino. This is for sure Robin because the current Fleet Fox himself commented on the video. It’s great to get a look at the beginnings of one of the best bands out there, but also crazy to think that the next superstar is probably posting dozens of youtube videos of himself playing Fleet Foxes covers at this very moment!

[VIDEO] Fleet Foxes music video for “Grown Ocean”

Robin Pecknold announced that he was going to be taking a Twitter/Internet break for a bit. He did have one fantastic gift for us to make the parting a little easier: a video for the Fleet Foxes’ new song “Grown Ocean.” Shot during the recording of Helplessness Blues, the “Grown Ocean” video was filmed and edited by Sean Pecknold.

[MP3] Robin Pecknold + Ed Drose: “I’m Losing Myself”

Whoa. What a way to come back from the gym. Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes released the “Three Songs” EP today for free online. Included within the ZIP is this duet with Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear entitled “I’m Losing Myself.”

MP3: Robin Pecknold + Ed Droste – I’m Losing Myself
Insane. This is as soft as my bed, but hits harder than an unexpected punch. Robin (and Ed) desperately want to hang on to their lover — even if it means they don’t recognize themselves after the dust settles.

Download the entire “Three Songs” EP

In related news, having Robyn’s “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do” following this is one of the weirder/best transitions in my iTunes library.