[stream] the Flaming Lips/Prefuse 73 collaborative EP

This is seriously a golden time to be a Flaming Lips fan. Wayne and the guys are using their time to do a lot of experimenting, including collaborations that sound like something from out of a dream. Case in point, this work done with Prefuse 73.

Stream the four songs from the Flaming Lips + Prefuse 73 collaboration

After the break, check out a live video of what I consider to be the best Wayne Coyne collaboration.

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Wayne Coyne teases upcoming Panda Bear collaboration

This photo would be perfect for a Lips/Grizzy Bear collaboration…

In what is surely about to become today’s biggest new story based on the smallest amount of news, Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips told Esquire that the band are going to work with Panda Bear in the near future. That is quite literally all that was shared about it, but it doesn’t stop me from looking forward to the day with great interest.

Read the entire interview at Esquire

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[mp3/video] Flaming Lips cover “Kids” with MGMT

MP3: Flaming Lips + MGMT – Kids

I wanted to go to Memphis’ Beale Street Music Festival, but didn’t realize quite how far away it was from Lexington. But man, seeing the Flaming Lips joined by MGMT to play “Kids” kind of makes me wish that I had make the trip. Video and audio isn’t 100% fantastic, but I think you’ll agree that it’s certainly enjoyable.

Flaming Lips’ gummy skull EP available via their online store!

I guess this shouldn’t come as a shock — it’s not like the Lips would put the money into gummy molding and then make fewer than 20 of these, right? — but the Flaming Lips are now selling their four-song USB gummy skulls in their store. $150 may seem too steep for some (me), but these are apparently going to be quite limited.

Buy a Flaming Lips gummy skull

[mp3s] Flaming Lips share 4 new songs via gummy skulls

I say it often, but it’s exceptionally true now: there’s never a bad time to be a Flaming Lips fan. These guys are always treating us to weird beauty wrapped in psychedelic insanity. The latest edition: five gummy skulls with USB drives inside containing four new songs — sold at 4:20pm on 4/20 of course. Thanks to Psych Explorations‘s youtube uploads, we can hear them even though we weren’t one of the lucky five.

Flaming Lips – Gummy Skull EP (youtube rips) [LINKS REMOVED]
MP3: Flaming Lips – Drug Chart
MP3: Flaming Lips – In Our Bodies In Our Heads
MP3: Flaming Lips – Walk With Me
MP3: Flaming Lips – Hillary’s Time Machine

I don’t ever post full albums for people to download, but seeing as they only made five copies of these available I figured that I can put this up until they announce it’s going into full scale release. I know real fans will be dying to get the physical release instead of some youtube rips, right guys?

Wayne Coyne guest hosts Good Day Oklahoma (seriously)

Whenever they do Fearless Freaks 2 this is going to be a goldmine of clips. Wayne guest-hosted Good Day Oklahoma on Fox 25 today. The hosting segment seems to be down at the moment, but you can watch him get involved with the guest chef and be interviewed himself.

Wayne and the chef
Wayne interviewed (stars at 0:50 mark)

Oh, and he also snapped some photos with the hosts and sang happy birthday to anyone born on 3/15.

Flaming Lips share new studio song “Two Blobs Fucking”

Remember when the Flaming Lips announced they’d be spending a lot of time in the studio in 2011 and aimed to release a song every month? Turns out they weren’t kidding. Here’s our first one: “Two Blobs Fucking.” How appropriate for Valentine’s Day! It’s an instrumental track, but I’m pretty sure the blobs start to get randy around the 1:13 mark. Go here to get the other parts to this song.

And remember, the Lips will also be releasing that five-disc vinyl box set on Record Store Day…