[mp3/video] the Decemberists cover Fruit Bats’ “When You Love Somebody”

I was bummed that I had to miss both the Decemberists’ and New Pornographers’ shows last night. I did, however, find this video of the Decemberists covering the Fruit Bats’ song “When You Love Somebody” from a week or so ago.

MP3: the Decemberists – When You Love Somebody (Fruit Bats)

Of course this is just another in a long line of covers by the Decemberists. Check out my collection of over 50 covers they’ve done.

[VIDEO] the Decemberists: “Why We Fight”

What an incredible video. It’s beautiful and — somewhat surprisingly — completely serious. When “Why We Fight” popped up as a Decemberists song, I was a bit confused: weren’t they the group who had written a few good anti-war songs not too long ago? There are, of course, some things worth fighting for, as the kids in this video now know.

the Decemberists covers archive :: 56+ covers and counting!

So it turns out that I really enjoy putting together these covers archives. It gives me a chance to rediscover the depth of influences of some of my favorite bands and — in cases like this — rediscover how great the band is.

I used to be a HUGE Decemberists junkie. I’m still a fan, but about five years ago they would easily have ranked in my top five favorite groups still making music. I’ve dropped slightly on the fandom radar, but have always kept up with the group. So for that reason I knew they had to be next on my list to assemble a collection of their covers. They’ve been performing for years and have always delighted fans with a wide range of covers. I mean really, it’s everything from Kate Bush to the Modern Lovers over here…

For starters, we’ve got Colin’s three covers EPs, songs by Morrissey, Shirley Collins and Sam Cooke, then a complete list of all the Decemberists covers I could find.

The Decemberists Covers Archive

MP3: Colin Meloy – I Know Very Well How I Got My Name (Morrissey)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Pregnant For the Last Time (Morrissey)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Jack the Ripper (Morrissey)
MP3: Colin Meloy – I’ve Changed My Plea to Guilty (Morrissey)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Sister I’m a Poet (Morrissey)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Every Day is Like Sunday (Morrissey)

MP3: Colin Meloy – Dance To Your Daddy (Shirley Collins)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Charlie (Shirley Collins)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Barbara Allen (Shirley Collins)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Cherry Tree Carol (Shirley Collins)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Turpin Hero (Shirley Collins)
MP3: Colin Meloy – I Drew My Ship (Shirley Collins)

MP3: Colin Meloy – Cupid (Sam Cooke)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Summertime (Sam Cooke)
MP3: Colin Meloy – That’s Where It’s At (Sam Cooke)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Good Times (Sam Cooke)
MP3: Colin Meloy – Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke)

Read the rest of the list after the break.

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