[mp3] Z-Trip’s All Access Beastie Boys Mega Mix

Today was fantastic. Spent hours at the Cincinnati Zoo seeing baby animals doing incredible things — it was the baby giraffe’s second day out! — and then ate at a fantastic local restaurant. What should the third part to this great day be? A mix of some of my favorite rappers by one of my favorite remix artists. Z-Trip really put his all into this fantastic 23-minute mix of classic and new Beastie Boys tracks. Super thumbs up for starting with “Paul Revere.”

Download Z-Trip’s All Access Beastie Boys Mega Mix at his Bandcamp page

In addition to the fact that he was asked by the Beasties to do this mix, here are three others that he wanted to share:

Factoid #1 – This is a real Beasties, Z-Trip fan.

Factoid #2- Z-Trip uses a bit of the WBLS show he first heard the Beasties on in the megamix.

Factoid #3- Z-Trip had the opening slot on the Beasties/Rage Against The Machine tour in 2000. Then RATM went on hiatus and the tour was canceled.

[stream] Beastie Boys + Santogold: “Don’t Play No Game I Can’t Win”

I know the Beastie Boys’ album is already streaming, but it’s always good to highlight a standout track. Nah Right has “Don’t Play No Game I Can’t Win.”

Check out the Beastie Boys/Santogold collaboration

Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 is out May 3. Stream the whole thing on Soundcloud

Beastie Boys stream Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 through boombox at MSG half court

The Beastie Boys teased us a bit about an event at Madison Square Garden today, but now we know what was so mysterious. The Beast Boys’ new record Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 is streaming from a recording of a boombox at half court. The live stream is over, but you can catch it in repeats at the link below.

BeastieBoys.com has the stream and preorder for the new LP

[VIDEO] Beastie Boys enlist every comedic actor for “Fight For Your Right Revisited” video

Whoa buddy. In addition to having that great new song, the Beastie Boys have a new short video featuring a ton of guest appearances. There’s Will Arnett, Will Farrell, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, John C Reilly, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride and probably a few more that I didn’t catch on the first viewing.