[videos] Avi Buffalo plays new songs for video sessions

Avi Buffalo has been quite generous with his time lately, letting two different film crews capture him playing all new songs. QMtv has four new tracks, but This Ain’t a Scene has him in face paint for the three they recorded… Tough choice, I know. Here’s one from each.

Avi Buffalo: “Sleep on the Floor” (QMtv session)

Avi Buffalo: “Julian Rose” (This Ain’t a Scene session)

Avi Buffalo share new studio song “How Come” via Twitter

This is the artwork for the new single, says the band.

Avi Buffalo just posted a new song of theirs on Twitter. It’s a drifting, laid back pop song with the great vocals we’ve come to expect from Avi Buffalo. And while I’m glad we’ve got this track to preview, now it just makes me want to have their next album in my hands this moment.

Stream Avi Buffalo’s “How Come” over at Tumblr

[via WLFY]