Wilco – 2004-05-20

Got this from Glide Magazine. I suggest you take a look.

Don’t forget that Wilco, The Flaming Lips and Sleater-Kinney will be playing at Madison Square Garden on New Years Eve. I was in NYC for New Year’s Eve last year, we got Jessica Simpson..

01-Thax Douglas poem, “Wilco #7”
03-The Late Greats
04-I’m Always in Love
05-A Shot in the Arm
07-At Least That’s What You Said
08-Ashes of American Flags
09-Heavy Metal Drummer
10-Jesus, Etc
11-Tuning, Stage Banter
12-Muzzle of Bees
13-Stage Banter
14-Hell is Chrome
15-Far Far Away
16-One By One

17-I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
19-Poor Places
20-I’m the Man Who Loves You
21-Handshake Drugs
22-Encore Break #1
23-Via Chicago
25-Band Introductions
27-Encore Break 2
28-Company in My Back
29-I’m a Wheel
30-Kicking Television

Franz Ferdinand

I’m slightly mad that I didn’t get to see The Arcade Fire tonight. Apparently it’s against the law to let minors in..something stupid like that.. So here’s some Franz goodness to make up for it.

Darts of Pleasure
Tell Her Tonight
Can’t Stop Feeling
Those four are all demos
Take Me Out (live on Conan) (first place I saw/heard about them)
It Won’t Be Long (Beatles cover)
…..just because it’s odd…
Scissor Sisters cover Take Me Out

Live Mouse

Modest Mouse live at the Bowery Ballroom “back in the day”

Dark Corner is the one you need to thank.
www.modestmousemusic.com Is the one you should give all your money to

01-Styrafoam Boots – It’s All Nice On Ice, Alright
03-Polar Opposites
04-Doin’ the Cockroach
05-Wild Pack of Family Dogs
05a-Talk-Just Trying to Be a Dad
06-Third Planet
07-Out of Gas
08-Trailer Trash
09-All Night Diner
10-Paper Thin Walls
11-Cowboy Dan
11a-Talk-Hot Eats, Cruel Treats
12-Never Ending Math Equation
13-Perfect Disquise
14-Positive Negative
15-What People are Made Of
17-Truckers Atlas
19-Custom Concern