Portugal. The Man live at The Capital Theater 10.24.17 [FULL VIDEO]

Since I quit doing YANP full time my concert attendance has gone from about weekly to biannually. It’s a shame, but at least I can still count on quality over quantity. Case in point I saw the best Portugal The Man performance I’ve seen in 8 years of going to their shows. Luckily for anyone who doesn’t live a train ride away from Port Chester, NY, the entire show is streaming on Youtube.

Catch Portugal. The Man on tour

Car Boys is art and its finale is perfect

Car Boys finale art by Maxisdrawing

Last night Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy livestreamed the (pre-recorded) final episode of their Youtube series Car Boys wherein they experiment with the vehicle simulation game BeamNG.drive. What started as an exercise in creatively smashing cars slowly created its own mythology and story around explained happenings of the physics engine. Can’t pry a crash test dummy out of a vehicle? “Busto” has a mind of his own. The graphics implode upon the boys journeying underwater? It’s a tesseract trying to impart knowledge. Nick and Griffin have created a better mythology around glitches and physics than most authors could hope to do with an unlimited palate.

Like many finales, you might not be that touched by the video unless you were along for the journey. But trust me, it’s been a hell of a journey and this is a perfect ending. Not long ago the boys spawned a giant airbag — intended to cushion gnarly jumps, no doubt — and nicknamed it “The Blob” after it fought off all attempts to pop or crush it. Early in this video Nick and Griffin discover the dammed reservoir has a funnel at the bottom of it. They think if they can knock the Blob into it, that might KO their new unstoppable opponent. What results is the 2001: A Space Odyssey version of the Let’s Play genre. As Griffin presciently guesses: “Maybe this isn’t a trap. Maybe it’s a wormhole to a different universe.”

See You Space Car Boys…