Anger, Yet Soothing Love

I had done up an “Under the Covers, pt3” but the internet lost it. However, I was relived when I remembered that the The Shins will have their performance for Austin City Limits televised on December 18th, along with The Flaming Lips. NOT ONLY is that awesome, get a load of the upcomming shows:
>>The Flaming Lips followed by The Shins (12/18/2004)
>>Wilco followed by Bright Eyes (1/8/2005)
>>Trey Anastasio (1/15/2005)
>>The Pixies

I’m trying to track down the Shins performace at the ACL festival last year, but they’re sneaky…

Under the Covers pt2

Counting Crow covers from Anna Begins
Guster and Hendrix from Live Music Vault

Counting Crows – Here Comes Your Man (Pixies cover done primarily on piano)
Counting Crows – Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground cover, ditto about the piano)
Guster-The Boy With the Arab Strap (unless I’m gravely mistaken, a cover of Belle and Sebastian)
Jimi Hendrix and BB King – Like a Rolling Stone (Dylan)

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

I’ve just been informed that I’ll be attending the Bright Eyes show in Columbus. Here are a Bright Eyes and Conor solo show to celebrate.

Bright Eyes
Hultsfreds Festival – Summer 2004
The whole thing unsplit in mp3

Bright Eyes
September 19, 2002 @ Maxwells
Hoboken, NJ
01-Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man
02-You Will. You Will
03-No Prayer
04-Black Comedy
05-The Trees Get Wheeled Away
06-I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning
07-Let’s not Shit Ourselves
08-June on the West Coast
Both of these are compliments of The Feel Good Revolution

The White Stripes

In honor of the “news” I thought I’d put up some WS goodies.

Thanks to:
Audiothief and Slicker Drips which still have loads of good stuff that I didn’t steal, so you may want to check them out. Thanks also to for the use of the photo.

New York City Cops (live with the Strokes in NYC, Jack does the solo)
Three covers that have become staples of their live shows:
Lord, Send Me an Angel
Bo Weevil