[mp3] Little Scream: “Heron & the Fox”

Little Scream will probably go down in history as the most I’ve ever been impressed by an opener. Her set was incredible, start to finish. And though it’s been a long time since her show at MusicNOW, now’s the fun part: this is when I get to dive right into her album.

MP3: Little Scream – Heron & the Fox
What immediately struck me about Little Scream’s live show and record was the great dynamic range that she makes seem effortless. On “Heron & the Fox,” she shows off her softer side. In addition to perfectly capturing the delicate nature of folk music, she’s also got that roving spirit down on lock. I’d read an On the Road style book written by Little Scream if she could keep this level of writing up.

Little Scream on Bandcamp

My Morning Jacket share trailer for One Big Holiday mini-documentary

One Big Holiday is a My Morning Jacket documentary that was filmed around the time of their Halloween 2010 show in Louisville. It talks about MMJ’s relationship with Louisville and the recording of Circuital. Here’s a quick trailer for it.

Pre-order Circuital

[video] Jonny: “You Was Me”

I never thought I’d see a team-up between a members of Teenage Fanclub and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, but I have lived long enough to see just that. I’m still soaking in their album Jonny, but I’ve had enough time to take in the video for “You Was Me,” a beautiful trip through the Welsh countryside.

Jonny will be in Louisville June 17 for those interested. Full tour dates after the break.

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[mp3] Native America: “Just Add Water”

I snagged this track over at Pasta Primavera. If you dig it, head over there to download another!

MP3: Native America – Just Add Water
I’ve found that when most people say that a song “sounds like Grizzly Bear” they mean that it sounds like an Ed Droste song. I’d like to get a little more specific here and say that Native America sounds like what I would imagine Grizzly Bear would have sounded like if Daniel Rossen had been involved on Horn of Plenty. It’s rough, there’s some wonderful guitar parts and it’s very relaxing.

Native America on Bandcamp

Portugal. The Man’s new LP up for preorder!

OK, fine. This is just all-around vinyl day now. Here’s your alert that Portugal. The Man have put their new album In the Mountain In the Cloud up for preorder. All the vinyl copies come on white vinyl and there’s a lot of interesting limited-edition stuff for order in the more expensive packages.

Preorder In the Mountain In the Cloud

Battles offer “Ice Cream” 12″ in three flavors/colors

OK, since I’m apparently doing nerdy vinyl news today, this should be of interest to a lot of you.

Battles are putting out a new 12″ for their single “Ice Cream” that comes in three different flavors. Each flavor, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, comes with vinyl in that corresponding color. One thousand of each are available.

Battles: “Ice Cream” [NSFW]

[video] tUnE-yArDs plays “You Yes You” for Yours Truly

You can’t always know upfront that something is going to be quality, but when it’s a video of tUnE-yArDs shot by Yours Truly, you can pretty much assume it’s going to be awesome. And indeed this video is just that! There’s a quick interview beforehand about where the title W H O K I L L came from, then it jumps into a fantastic live version of “You Yes You.”