[mp3] Other Lives: “For 12”

I’m not that familiar with Other Lives’ past works, but Tamer Animals has been a fantastic record to listen to for the last week. I doubt this one will turn into a mega hit given that I haven’t seen much press about it, but know that it’s a huge hit in my headphones.

MP3: Other Lives – For 12
After many listens, I finally figured out what band “For 12” reminds me of: Seawolf! I went through a huge Seawolf phase in around 2006 and this reminds me of everything I loved about that band: subtle-yet-quick percussion, orchestral folk production and great vocals. With that said, I still have to give the edge on the album to the title track. It sounds like an orchestral version of the National. Check out a live video of that one below.

Other Lives: “Tamer Animals” on KCRW

Poison Control Center give away covers EP with preorder of new LP

PCC fans who preorder the new album have a special treat in store for them. The band recorded a covers EP that they’ll give you gratis with any preorder. So put in your order now and grab covers of the Kinks, Frank Zappa, Thin Lizzy and more!

Stream the Poison Control Center Covers EP on Bandcamp

[video] Architecture in Helsinki: “Escapee”

I heard next to nothing about Architecture in Helsinki’s new album prior to its release, so “Escapee” is my first listen to any of it. It’s nice. It sounds like a good mix of their first two LPs with their most recent. Enjoy the synth riff-pop of these Aussies!

[via MFR]

K Ishibashi from Of Montreal shares solo songs

Believe it or not, I’m not really up on all the backing members of Of Montreal at the moment. That’s why when I saw their facebook page announce something about “K’s solo project” I thought they meant Kevin’s and, uh, isn’t Of Montreal already his solo project? But after a quick trip to Wikipedia, I learned they meant K Ishibashi! Duh.

Stream Kishi Bashi’s new songs on Bandcamp

He’s also touring with Sondre Lerche this summer. Tour dates after the break.

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[mp3] the Weeknd: “Rolling Stone”

Toronto R&B wunderkind The Weeknd just let slip a new song on his official Tumblr. He posted it as a video (found below), but I felt like ripping it into downloadable format. Enjoy!

MP3: The Weeknd – Rolling Stone
For all the racy stuff from his House of Balloons mixtape, it sounds like this next one may be a little more tame. Well, as tame has smoking weed until you can’t sing any more can really be considered. “Rolling Stone” finds Abel Tesfaye getting wildly introspective while recounting a night spent smoking and singing about women.

The Weeknd on Tumblr

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[mp3 premiere] Idiot Glee: “Trouble at the Dancehall”

Super psyched to be premiering Idiot Glee’s “Trouble at the Dancehall” off his upcoming album Paddywhack. It’s had a special spot in my heart ever since I first heard him do it live. I just did an interview with him (I’ll post it soon) and he said the track was originally written around a loop of Sandy Nelson’s “Teen Beat” and then reworked for the album.

MP3 Idiot Glee – Trouble At The Dacehall
Though James couldn’t be further from a 50s greaser, that’s what I always picture when I listen to “Trouble at the Dancehall.” Its sad, soulful melody always makes me think of troubled teens in post-Rebel Without a Cause movies. And while James may not be a rebel, this is certainly a classic.

Idiot Glee on Bandcamp

Paddywhack is out June 7 via Moshi Moshi.

[mp3/video] Blues Skies for Black Hears: “Majoring in the Arts”

One of the people I trust the most with pop music recommendations is my buddy Ross of Hop Hop. He’s gotten me into a ton of great bands, the latest of which is Blues Skies for Black Hearts. And yeah, we both said the same thing “uh… their name makes them sound like an emo band.” Don’t worry, they’re not.

MP3: Blues Skies for Black Hearts – Majoring in the Arts

[video] Michael Kiwanuka: “Tell Me A Tale”

I cannot wait until I can sell Michael Kiwanuka’s album at the record store so I can suggest it to all the people who think music has been crap ever since the late sixties. Here’s a 23-year-old Londoner making some of the best R&B in decades. If you’re a fan of Bill Withers or Rodriguez, this guy may literally make you cry.