Interpol w/ Q and Not U – Louisville, KY 3/16/05Part 1

Before I get started on this wonderful concert, let me thank a dear friend of mine. These photos were taken by a guy that I’ve known since Kindergarden (he goes by Cory, since “guy I’ve known since Kindergarden” takes too long to say). He is even more awesome than these photos.

I’d never been to Brown Theater before and was kinda concerned that the acoustics might suck (i.e. Rupp Arena), but they were fine. I’m sure it helped that both bands were pretty loud, but I never noticed anything that sounded less than awesome.

First of all, let me say that Q and Not U did everything short of pay the audience to love them. They came out, gave us a nod, and then proceeded to rock. Their frontman, Chris Richards, has probably the best stage presense that I’ve seen since…ever. He’s got the wild flailings of Craig from The Vines (who suck live… and on thier new album). He’s got Conors sideways glances that drove the girls wild. One front row dancer asked if she could give him her cell phone number. Lucky.

From start to finish, every song Q and Not U played made the audience quiver. I thought I was going to lose my voice during Wonderful People. Similarly, I had never realized what an amazing song Wet Work was until I saw it live. Chris introduced it by saying that “wet work” is the CIA term for some shady thing that needs to be done, but when he first heard it, he thought it was a term for something that goes on in the bedroom.

The most important thing that Q and Not U did, however, was what is key to any opening band. You didn’t have to be familiar with them to be moved by their music. I was the only one in my car that really had heard them before, but everyone was talking about them at the end of the night.

On a funny note, Chris spat his gum into the crowd and it hit the guy behind me. He gave it to me and I gave it to Kristine later as part of an old joke. I was able to wrap it in something cool though, the setlist. I got half of it because me and another guy both wanted it. I got it signed later and Chris wrote the name of the song they played during the jam. It’s by Fatback and it’s called Get Your Fingers Out the Jam. Check out the setlist here I also managed to grab a station ID for WRFL (“Hey this is Chris from Q and Not U and you’re listening to 88.1 WRFL. Call up the request line and ask for something fun-kay!”) and this funny photo in which (from left to right) Cory, Chris from Q, and myself are playing air saxaphone. Also pictured are Andrew and Q’s drummer John, both of who are party poopers.

Q and Not U’s grade as an opening band: A+ They’re the best openers that I’ve ever seen.

Another Q and Not U photo
Yet another Q and Not U photo