Eef Barzelay (of Clem Snide)

So because of UK’s slowed mail system, I got to read about Eef Barzelay’s solo album on other blogs (like Dodge!) before I actually got to hear it. But man, it was worth the wait. You’d think that the solo album with just vocals and acoustic guitar would be a boring concept by now. You would also be wrong.

MP3: Eef Barzelay – Ballad of Bitter Honey
I can’t decide if I’m reading too much into the title song or not, but it seems to be a wonderful play on words. ‘Bitter Honey’ is written from the perspective of a back-up dancer in a hip-hop video. Not only is she literally a bitter ‘honey,’ but it also seems that her honest look at society shows that the good life isn’t as sweet as she’d hoped – hence the title. The lyrics are strangely well done in this song as well. Not only is it amazing that Eef is able to write from a feminine perspective, but in one from a world so different from his.

MP3: Eef Barzelay – Thanksgiving Waves
I guess I prefer this song for the musical flavor it adds. It reminds me of some of Clem Snide’s quirkier songs. Also Eef does a good job on the vocals. I can’t say that I’ve ever thought of him as a great vocalist, but he makes a good stab at it during this song.

On a side note, the guy who DJs before me at WRFL does a hip-hop show. I played ‘Bitter Honey’ as my first song Sunday morning because, you know, it’s fitting. The two girls who were with him burst out laughing at the ‘hoochie skanks’ part. One said “this was not at all what I was expecting.” Yeah, I’d say that about sums it up.

Buy Bitter Honey

Exitfare looks to be a pretty promising blog. He’s got loads of great stuff up, ranging from the new Minus 5 to the new Moz.

I’ll be attending the Andrew Bird show at the Louisville Free Public Library tonight. Hopefully I’ll be able to film/get photos as well. If you’d like to read up on Mr. Bird, here’s an interview that I did.

Of Montreal – The Covers Show (1-18-02)

I’ve wanted a copy of this for a LONG time. Of Montreal has done (to my knowledge) two of these cover concerts. They’ve always been famous for doing quirky covers in their sets, but these are made up almost entirely of songs they didn’t write. This one is packed full of great tunes and your standard Of Montreal excellent instrumentation.

NOTE: Because I’m dumb, I accidently forgot to zip up track 12 of this concert. I’ll try to fix the error tomorrow after class. For now, you can download the other 15 songs in the zip file, and then track 12 separately.

ZIP: Of Montreal – The Covers Show (1-18-02)
01 Can’t Explain (The Who)
02 September Gurls (Big Star)
03 Rain (Beatles)
04 I’m Beginning to See the Light(Velvet Underground)
05 Making Time (The Creation)
06 Hang Onto Yourself (David Bowie)
07 Sway (Rolling Stones)
08 I Believe in You (Neil Young)
09 Doing Nothing (Of Montreal)
10 Metaphorically Turning into Stone (Of Montreal)
11 Death dance of omnipapa’s and sons for you (Of Montreal)
MP3: 12 Jennifer Louise (Of Montreal)
13 Do You Remember Walter? (The Kinks)
14 Rocks Off (Rolling Stones)
15 Happy (Rolling Stones)
16 Don’t Ask Me To Explain (Of Montreal)

New Shelley Short: “Like Anything Its Small”

So Blogger quite literally destroyed my post twice last night. I’m quite angry and a little tired, so forgive me if none of these get much text behind them.

MP3: Shelley Short – Like Anything Its Small
I’m not a big Joanna Newsom fan. Frankly, I find her annoying. But I do believe she’s an excellent songwriter. So I offer this comparison for you: ‘Like Anything Its Small’ is a Joanna Newsom song if it were being sung by someone with normal, yet beautiful vocals.

Like it? Want another? Well alright then:

Bonus MP3: Shelley Short – Pullin’ Pullin’

Rich put up a huge video of Belle and Sebastian at the BBC. Anyone know if it’s the same BBC appearance that’ll be on their bonus disc with the new album?

Page France are streaming two new songs at their myspace. Michael was right, they do sound like Margo Guryan! Just a reminder that you can preorder the EPs here.

Speaking of Page France, Michael got a nice write-up in Pfork about how they’re not a Christian band.

New Aloha: “Your Eyes”

I remember being pretty impressed by Aloha when I saw them open for Ted Leo last year. Aside from needing to turn up certain mics, they did an impressive job. So it was for this reason that I got fairly excited over this new Aloha track.

MP3: Aloha – Your Eyes
The thing I love about James Bond theme songs is that they’re usually powerful, catchy and easily identifiable. So if all those things hold true, this could very well be an indie submission for a not-yet-written Bond film. The introduction is a great build-up that ends abruptly in a quirky, repeated chord – a trick they might have learned from Paul McCartney and the Wings (who really did write a Bond theme!) This has definetely got me looking forward to Aloha’s new album, which should drop on Aprill 11.

Aloha on Myspace

Aloha’s Short Tour
03.09 – Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
03.10 – Lansing, MI – Mac’s Bar
03.11 – Chicago, IL – Hideout
03.13 – Oklahoma City, OK – The One Fourteen
03.14 – Dallas, TX – Gypsy Tea Room
03.15 – Austin, TX – SXSW
03.16 – Austin, TX – SXSW
03.18 – Houston, TX – Walters

Sean has an interesting live take of The Knives’ ‘Heartbeats’ up at STG.

Aquarium Drunkard put up the entire Colin Meloy Sings Shirley Collins EP (via other Matt)

Speaking of Skatterbrain’s Matt, he’s started a new project: the Sleepytime Mixtape. It’s got different installments, so be sure to browse around his main page.

How to Cheat At Blogging: Starlight Mints and The Color Bars

I think there’s an unwritten rule about blogging that says if it’s been more than six months since you covered a band, you’re good to mention them again. So because I’ve received emails about both these bands recently, I’ll offer a quick refresher for those of you who are just joining us.

MP3: Starlight Mints – Popsickle
There’s something so strange and quirky about this song that I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. I first heard this song two summers ago when my good buddy Cory suggested it to me. I can’t count the numbers of time we spent driving around Louisville shouting out perfectly-timed ‘BEEP BEEP’s. We knew we were nerds, but we also didn’t care. And in a way, that’s a great metaphore for this song. You can’t imagine Starlight Mints writing this song thinking “gosh, starting a song with ‘lama lama la la’ is going to make us the coolest band on the block!” But yet, because they dared to look silly, they’re the winners here. After all, they did get signed to Barsuk not too long ago.

MP3: The Color Bars – All Your Kitchen Ghosts
MP3: The Color Bars – Eliza
Around this time last year, I feel in love with The Color Bars hard. ‘All Your Kitchen Ghosts’ was my spring spring day anthem. And what’s not to love? It’s got a jazzy backing part and a chorus that floats along on the breeze. But the chorus is the real winner here. Well-sung lyrics about a girl ready to burst into flames finally pushed me over the edge into full out love. But we all know the old story, don’t we? That band with one good song that tries to sell an album based entirely on their pseudo-hit. Well imagine how pleased I was to hear that ‘Eliza’ was just as good. A hodgepodge of instruments combine with yet another wonderful melody to form the best piano based ode to a girl since the Apples in stereo’s ‘Ruby.’

So for some reason, My Old Kentucky Blog didn’t show new updates when I loaded it. Turns out that the problem must’ve been on my end, because the Parlour Boys let me know how excited they got when he posted about them.

New podcast with Arkon/Family up at Indie Interviews!

Greenhornes Tour Dates

The Greenhornes, which make up half of the newly-formed Raconteurs, are going out on tour. Here’s your chance to catch them before superstardom goes to their bluesey little heads!

The Greenhornes Tour Dates
April 14th Los Angeles, CA KCRW presents at the Troubadour
April 15th Pomona, CA Glass House
April 16th San Deigo, CA The Casbah
April 18th San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill
April 20th Portland, OR Dantes
April 21st Vancouver, BC Richard’s on Richard
April 22nd Seattle, WA Three Imaginary Girls presents at Neumo’s

Hear the Greenhornes contribute to:
MP3: The Raconteurs – Steady as She Goes

Andrew Bird Kicks Off Tour Today

Here’s your chance to catch one of the best musical performers at the top of his game. Andrew Bird starts off his mini-US tour today by swinging his way through the south and back up again. If you live in one of these states, thank your lucky stars and go see him. If you live in Kentucky, do it twice.

MP3: Andrew Bird – A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left

Andrew Bird Mini-US Tour
FEB 2 // Milwaukee, WI – Miramar Theatre
FEB 3 // Urbana, IL – Canopy Club
FEB 4 // Bloomington, IN – Buskirk-Chumley Theater (SOLD OUT)
FEB 6 // Louisville, KY – Louisville Free Public Library (SOLD OUT)
FEB 7 // Lexington, KY – The Dame
FEB 9 // Athens, GA – 40 Watt Club
FEB 10 // Tallahassee, FL – Club Downunder, FL State Univ.
FEB 11 // Atlanta, GA – Eyedrum
FEB 13 // Oxford, MS – Proud Larry’s
FEB 15 // St Louis, MO – The Pageant
FEB 16 // Ames, IA – Maintenance Shop
FEB 17 // Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon
FEB 23 // Minneapolis, MN – Fine Line Music Cafe
FEB 24 // Duluth, MN – Weber Music Hall @ UMD

The Recital

I’ll be honest with ya; I know nothing about The Recital. All I’ve got for you is that they list Mystery Science Theater 3000 as an influce on their myspace, are chummy with Thunderbirds Are Now!, and sound a bit like the Futureheads. Isn’t that enough to warrant a closer look?

MP3: The Recital – A Humor Game
This song kicks off with a slow, Built To Spill-esque buildup and suddenly kicks off into a jerky verse that would make the Futureheads proud. For the most part, the song keeps that energy in some form or another. But perhaps the most addictive thing about this song are the irresitable ‘ba da pa ba da’s toward the end. I’m a sucker for nonsensical syllables in a good rhythm.

MP3: The Recital – The Head Rhythm

Sorry for such a short post. I didn’t get to write this up until 4am because I had a busy day of napping, article pretending-to-write, and video games. College is hard, kiddies. College is hard.

This is just a reminder to order Bishop Allen’s new EP ‘January’ if you want one. These puppies are even more limited than Colin Meloy’s new ‘…Sings Shirley Collins’ EP!

This is also a reminder to preorder Page France’s new EP set, ‘Pear’ and ‘Sister Pinecone’ if you want them. Also, a little birdy told me that Page France will be doing an in studio session on KEXP at noon on March 28th.

Rich started a blog!

Page France Live on WDET

It’s no secret that I love Page France. It’s also no secret that tons more people are catching on. What with their upcoming tour dates, SXSW appearance, and EP project, these guys are going through a big period right now. So to help whet your appetite for the Page France buffet that 2006 is becoming, here’s a somewhat recent appearance of Page France on WDET. It’s got a great performance and pretty good interview as well. Definetely grab this while you can.

Page France on WDET
MP3: Page France – Junkyard
MP3: Page France – Interview 1
MP3: Page France – Jesus
MP3: Page France – Interview 2
MP3: Page France – Dogs

Preorder ‘Pear’ and ‘Sister Pinecone!’
Page France on Tour

Also, if you live near Lexington, I highly expect that you’ll attend Page France’s show at the Dame. It’s 18 and up, and will most likely be the musical event of the year.

Vinyl Is So In let me know that The Bonnaroo lineup is out. Radiohead is headlining with Beck and Tom Petty. I really, really don’t want to go, but MAN do I want to see Radiohead.