Bruneaux’s “Gotta Have It” is the perfect meta-mashup

For over a year now mashup artist Bruneaux has been my go-to running playlist. His albums “The Art of Noise” and “Creature of Habit” scratch my mashup itch so perfectly. But even more than highlighting these great albums (highest recommend for jogging, doing chores or driving soundtracks) I want to point out a hilariously sly reference hidden at the end of his album “Creature of Habit.”

To first understand it, take 19 seconds and watch this Youtube video of Girl Talk’s cat showing that mashup skills run in the household. Now listen to Bruneaux’s mashup of Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” and Collective Soul’s “Shine.” Hear where those cat meows from Kreayshawn’s land during “Shine?” Perfect.