[mp3] Blood Orange: “Sutphin Boulevard”

Blood Orange offers us a first look at his upcoming record Coastal Grooves.

MP3: Blood Orange – Sutphin Boulevard
This song’s lack of decisiveness in genre is only surpassed by its decidedly awesome nature. As much as a cringe when “chill” is used as an adjective, it really does seem the appropriate way to describe a song that’s 1/4 R&B sly cool and 3/4 sparse rock music.

More details on Coastal Grooves

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  1. hey you know what would be a cool feature, putting like a list of upcoming indie releases or releases you’re looking forward to. often times you promote an artist and i think i wanna get a record then by the time their record drops i forgot all abou tit. like my morning jacket’s record and stuff. other bands like let’s wrestle i let their cd pass me right by

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