MAN MAN at Cosmic, June 9

Cosmic Charlie’s
Thursday, June 9
$12 adv | $15 d.o.s.

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If you’ve ever read this blog, chances are you’re familiar with Man Man, so I won’t waste anyone’s time trying to describe the high energy, gypsy-pirate-punk-cabaret spectacle that is a Man Man show. Just know that it’s thoroughly entertaining, and while I haven’t heard the new album, the handful of new songs I heard previewed at South by Southwest this year were some of the most complex and fleshed out songs I’ve heard from the group.

2 thoughts on “MAN MAN at Cosmic, June 9”

  1. You haven’t heard the new album?! You better drop what you’re doing tonight and do this! I don’t want to sound obnoxious but it is a most excellent album from beginning to start. My favorite of the year, thus far!

  2. Dustin – clarification that you may already be aware of: this was written by Saraya. She is kind enough to guestblog occasionally in the local section. I’ve heard it, love it and am featuring it in the “CURRENT FAVORITES” in the sidebar!

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