5 thoughts on “Portugal. The Man’s new LP up for preorder!”

  1. I’m digging what I’ve heard so far, but I’m not digging paying $29 shipped for a single LP. I’ll end up waiting and getting it for $20 shipped when the album actually comes out

  2. Zack: very true. Part of the reason the preorder vinyl is so high is because it’s limited-edition white vinyl. They do this with pretty much every album release. So if you aren’t into paying extra for limited edition colored wax (as many aren’t), then just wait a bit and snag it in stores.

  3. Oh, I may end up getting it then. I thought that every pressing was going to be on the white vinyl. I forgot that American Ghetto had a silver pressing for the preorder. I’ll probably pull the trigger on this but not until at least June

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