[mp3] My Morning Jacket: “Holdin On to Black Metal”

If KEXP is giving away the MP3 then I figure it must be fair game to post at this point.

MP3: My Morning Jacket – Holdin On To Black Metal
I don’t know why it surprises me, but My Morning Jacket’s R&B-by-the-way-of-classic-rock track “Holdin On to Black Metal” is just fantastic. It’s less about black metal and more about the trappings of youth which often refuse to let go once they’ve taken hold. And though Jim — or at least our narrator — sees Black Metal as a sign of youth and arrested development, I know a lot of guys who come in the record store who seem pretty grown up to me. Still, it’s hard to argue with a point when it’s made with such all-around solid instrumentals. I mean seriously, every instrument in this song is playing a memorable riff.

Circuital is out May 31. It is awesome.

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