[mp3] Shaky Snakes: “It Sure Is Fun in the City”

I have this terrible habit of leaving 7+ tabs open in Chrome as I’m browsing. It’s like a weird to-do list from the internet. Right now I have tabs open about travel, two about making a favicon, a recipe I want to try, a Pitchfork story, an interesting cover … and this song from Shaky Snakes that I first listened to on Friday. So even though I have some wildly inefficient ways of getting things done, in a weird way it helps me check out great new music like this.

MP3: Shaky Snakes – It Sure is Fun in the City
There’s a weird lesson to be learned from me finding, enjoying and posting about Shaky Snakes. The first time he emailed me there was no subject and I never opened it. The next time he emailed me with the subject “haze pop” and I opened it immediately. The first thing to learn from that is that you should always put a good subject on your emails. The second is that Shaky Snakes are some good, hazy pop music.

Shaky Snakes also recorded a cover of Best Coast’s Sun Was High (So Was I) on his iPad.

Shaky Snakes on Bandcamp

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  1. I learned about shakysnakes a while back, and I scoured the web for everything he’s ever uploaded. Now that playlist is on constant repeat for me. Dude is a genius songsmith.

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