[mp3] Thao & Mirah: “Eleven”

I was really excited when I heard about the Thao/Mirah team up, but kinda forgot to follow the project until it was already released. The good news of this, though, is that the collaboration is even better than I expected. Their voices are quite complimentary, as are their songwriting styles.

MP3: Thao & Mirah – Eleven
I don’t know that I would have expected a track like “Eleven” to come out of either Thao or Mirah’s solo work, so maybe we can chalk this one up to the power of the collaboration. There’s some quick, light percussion and an effortlessly catchy pop song at the heart of it. I must admit, though, that Mirah steals the show in this one. Thao has great accent sections “to sweet for my mouth! too soft for my hands!” but this one’s Mirah’s to win. It’s OK though — Thao gets more than her share of the spotlight through the rest of the album. You’ll have to pick it up to see where she really shines.

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