Win a copy of the Kentucky Fresh Cookbook with cover art by Cricket Press!

On YANP, I often say that I’m a “big fan” of things. However, rarely do I mean it more than I do when I say it about local artists Cricket Press. So that’s a large part about why I’m so excited for today’s contest.

I’m giving away two copies of Maggie Green’s The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook. It’s about as local as can be, given that the book is not only a cookbook but is also a guide for what fruits and produce will be available in Kentucky farmers markets in any given season. Frankly I kind of wish I could keep one of these for myself, but maybe I’ll just have to pony up the cash!

To enter to win the Kentucky Fresh Cookbook, leave a comment with your name, email address and last dish you cooked and loved (provide a link if you’d suggest I give it a shot!

I’ll pick two winners next Friday and will contact them for their mailing address. Best of luck to you all!

16 thoughts on “Win a copy of the Kentucky Fresh Cookbook with cover art by Cricket Press!”

  1. The last dish I cooked was a little boring, but it was fun making it with my boyfriend. We made turkey burgers that were amazingly delicious and had mac and cheese, corn and beans along with it. We also got onions, banana peppers, lettuce and a tomato to go with the hamburgers. It all turned out delicious.

  2. The last thing I made was probably eggos. But for the purposes of this contest I will say the best thing I made in the recent past was pumpkin bread.

  3. Beans. I love making any kind of soup- dancing in the kitchen and chopping giant piles of veggies. A giant pot boiling, making the house smell good, wafting out the windows, just makes me happy.

  4. Last dish I cooked was my broccoli salad recipe that I got from my Aunt. I am taking it to a derby party tomorrow. Go broccoli!

  5. The most recent meal I made was oven “fried” chicken ( and short-cut collard greens (, both healthier versions of old classics by the fabulous Ellie Krieger. The meal turned out amazingly well, and it’s always great to be able to use things like collard greens from the farmers’ market.

    The Kentucky Fresh cookbook sounds great; thanks for promoting it and running this contest!

  6. Lately I’ve been enamored with my indoor smoker ( who knew you could do such lovely things with an old wok!) so the last thing I made was smoked bourbon brined pork chops with sweet potato rosti ( just shred sweet potatoes and scallions with salt and pepper and an egg, you’ll never look back) and sauteed fiddleheads, since they are FINALLY in season and extremely lovely.

    And I second Ellen, that cookbook sounds fantastic. I’ll be thinking of it while doing tonights dinner: Chipotle braised lamb tacos!

  7. Fried chicken. My grandmother’s recipe. Smothered in gravy, with onions and peppers. Over rice. With cornbread. And collards.

  8. Mike…as a Carolinian by birth, my cyber-proverbial hat is off to you, kind sir. Mustard and vinegar. Pulled pork — not sliced or chopped. Awesome. Hope all is well!

  9. Eggs Benedict with sausage and cream cheese. No site link, just inspiration from a lack of hollandaise and ham…

  10. Chicken alfredo pizza. I thought it turned out pretty great, gonna try some bbq pizza next time I think.

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