[mp3] Bonnie “Prince” Billy + Phantom Family Halo: “Mindeater”

How cool is it that beyond-established veteran Will Oldham is teaming up with the fresh faces of Phantom Family Halo to put out a four-song EP this month? “Very cool” is the answer. Very cool.

MP3: Bonnie Prince Billy + Phantom Family Halo – The Mindeater
I’m not going to lie to you good people: this is not my favorite BPB song. I think it’s really just the chorus that bugs me, but it just doesn’t seem to fit him that well. Still, I’m very interested to hear the rest of the record. Not sure that I’ll buy it before I can hear the full product of the collaboration, but I’ll definitely be checking it out.

Pick up the collaborative EP via Sophomore Lound Records

Thanks to MOKB for the MP3.

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