[mp3] Estadio Olimpico: “Cracked Lip Days, Remembered”

My friends at Hop Hop hipped me to the next great Lexington band: Estadio Olimpico. If all goes as planned, his next record will come out on Hop Hop, but you can snag his last one for free from his Bandcamp page.

MP3: Estadio Olimpico – Cracked Lip Days, Remembered
Ageless Gracing (great title) is a really diverse record that offers up pretty much everything I needed for spring. There are Panda Bear-ish compositions like this one here, there are straight up pop songs (“Spectators”) and there’s a lot in between. I can’t wait for this guy to start playing around town and sharing his gift with a wider audience.

Download Ageless Gracing for free on Bandcamp

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