[mp3] Blood Orange: “Sutphin Boulevard”

Blood Orange offers us a first look at his upcoming record Coastal Grooves.

MP3: Blood Orange – Sutphin Boulevard
This song’s lack of decisiveness in genre is only surpassed by its decidedly awesome nature. As much as a cringe when “chill” is used as an adjective, it really does seem the appropriate way to describe a song that’s 1/4 R&B sly cool and 3/4 sparse rock music.

More details on Coastal Grooves

Memorial Day @ CD Central 5.30.11

CD Central’s Memorial Day party was a blast. We got psychedelic jazz from Blist Bop, raw punk from All-American Werewolves (featuring CD Central employee Mike Lunsford), the catchy-but-impenetrable rock of Trailblazer and the bluesy rock of Last Duo. Hope you made it to the event, got some free watermelon and had a great time. If not, there’s always Fourth of July and Labor Day!

Blist Bop

All-American Werewolves

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[videos] Avi Buffalo plays new songs for video sessions

Avi Buffalo has been quite generous with his time lately, letting two different film crews capture him playing all new songs. QMtv has four new tracks, but This Ain’t a Scene has him in face paint for the three they recorded… Tough choice, I know. Here’s one from each.

Avi Buffalo: “Sleep on the Floor” (QMtv session)

Avi Buffalo: “Julian Rose” (This Ain’t a Scene session)

[mp3] Of Montreal: “Fell In Love With a Girl”

Some kind readers send me the rip of Of Montreal’s cover of the White Stripes as soon as I posted a request for it. You guys are great. Too bad I spaced on posting it until today. But better late than never. Here’s Of Montreal tackling the classic White Stripes song.

MP3: Of Montreal – Fell In Love With A Girl (White Stripes Cover)

Grab dozens of other Of Montreal covers in my covers collection.

[mp3] Modest Mouse: “Poison” & “Lampshades on Fire”

Modest Mouse have hit the studio with Big Boi but until this weekend we’d heard pretty much nil from the upcoming record. That changed at Sasquatch, with the new songs “Poison” and “Lampshades on Fire.”

MP3: Modest Mouse – Lampshades on Fire (live)
MP3: Modest Mouse – Poison (live)