[mp3s] Flaming Lips share 4 new songs via gummy skulls

I say it often, but it’s exceptionally true now: there’s never a bad time to be a Flaming Lips fan. These guys are always treating us to weird beauty wrapped in psychedelic insanity. The latest edition: five gummy skulls with USB drives inside containing four new songs — sold at 4:20pm on 4/20 of course. Thanks to Psych Explorations‘s youtube uploads, we can hear them even though we weren’t one of the lucky five.

Flaming Lips – Gummy Skull EP (youtube rips) [LINKS REMOVED]
MP3: Flaming Lips – Drug Chart
MP3: Flaming Lips – In Our Bodies In Our Heads
MP3: Flaming Lips – Walk With Me
MP3: Flaming Lips – Hillary’s Time Machine

I don’t ever post full albums for people to download, but seeing as they only made five copies of these available I figured that I can put this up until they announce it’s going into full scale release. I know real fans will be dying to get the physical release instead of some youtube rips, right guys?

5 thoughts on “[mp3s] Flaming Lips share 4 new songs via gummy skulls”

  1. I wonder what they plan on doing with ALL the 2011 songs they’ve made as far as physical releases go. Still trying to figure out who I gotta punch in the face to get my hands on the Flaming Lips/Neon Indian vinyl.

  2. They’re doing the anti-Third Man Records thing, wherein they make sure their actual fans get the records of limited quality by hand delivering them to local record stores. Problem is, they’ve got a bunch of non-local fans. And, I don’t have $150 for a gummy-skull with 4 tracks.

  3. Wayne also came to Good Records in Dallas and Waterloo Records on the 21st to hand out gummy skulls and meet fans. I sent my mom in Dallas to go meet him – I wanted to go in Austin but I had to take a friend to the hospital. Wayne gave my mother a white label vinyl he and the band recorded that day! It hasn’t even been announced as an EP to be released or anything yet, and it’s different songs than the ones on the gummy skull USB. Nicest dude ever!

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