Record Store Day @ CD Central 4.16.11

Hours later and I still can’t decide if Record Store Day 2011 was more stressful or more fun. There were moments where I was sure the crowd was too big, but everyone stayed respectful and had a great time. Major thanks to all the bands that played, My Morning Jacket for signing things longer than they were supposed to and the customers who helped each other out in the music nerd version of Black Friday. Oh, and thanks to my coworkers who will probably not fully recover until Tuesday.

I kept my RSD purchases to a minimum this year. I grabbed Of Montreal’s 12″ and — of course — My Morning Jacket’s “Circuital” 12″ that was limited to CD Central and Ear X-tacy. A few hours in I talked myself into grabbing Deerhoof’s Friend Opportunity for the translucent green upgrade in the reissue. I was going to grab the Flaming Lips’ box set, but my boss told me we’ll be able to get it again very soon, so I figured I’d leave what we had for customers to mull over. I’d hoped for Cults or the White Stripes seven inch, but no-go on either. We didn’t get any Stripes and I never saw the Cults single, though we did have it.

Leroy DJing between bands

One of the biggest treats of the day was, surprisingly, Leroy’s DJ set. It was a fantastic mix of old 45s, not one of which I recognized. I’m going to beg him to DJ the next time I book a show. And the best part is that his incredible sets always gave way into some of Lexington’s best bands. I pretty much stayed out of the booking process for Record Store Day this year, so I got to be pleasantly surprised with all the great bands we snagged! Unfortunately I only got to see about a song from each band, but they all sounded on top of their game.

And before I turn it over the the photos, I just want to say a big thanks to My Morning Jacket. We asked if they’d be able to play an instore (quite the longshot), they offered the idea of an exclusive 12″ and in-store appearance instead. I’m not sure, but that might actually be the better deal. Not only that, but they were far nicer than you could expect most people to be when signing things and listening to stories for an hour.

As for me, when I found out they’d be doing a bit of signing I printed up a poster of a shot I took at their Bonnaroo 2008 show. It’s currently signed and framed on my wall.

Record Store Day 2011 was a blast. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

See all the photos after the break.

Arcane Rifles

Arcane Rifles

High Water Marks

High Water Marks

Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan

Fifth on the Floor

My Morning Jacket signing for the fans

MMJ fans who had postcards signed for lack of any posters/LPs

Father/daughter duo with signed picture discs



They Yearn For What They Fear

Flipping through $1 records

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  1. We’ve been attending this event for 3 or 4 years now, and this is the best one yet. Thanks to everyone at CD Central for doing such a great job.

  2. Just thought I’d say I like the spruce up you did to the site. That and I like you site too!

  3. Record Store Day was great. You guys were great. And it was a lot of fun to play there. Thanks for the great photographs.

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