Santogold and Karen O team up for “Go!”

Life and Times has the new collaboration between Santogold and Karen O ready to make your day/month/year worth living. Also of note is the interview, which contains this cute story about two super confident artists getting a bit self conscious, as we all do.

L+T: How did your collaboration with Karen O (of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) come about?
SG: Well, I went to my friend Nick Zinner’s photography show, which was great, one night and I ran into Karen, and we were talking. I was probably bitching about working on my record, which makes up most of my tired conversation these days, and she kind of volunteered to help in any way. A while later, I was working with Q-Tip, trying to come up with some ideas, and he played what ended up being the foundation beat of the track, and I had, like, an “audio-vision,” if that’s what you call it, of the song. In an instant in my mind, I heard what the finished song would sound like and it had Karen on it. So I worked on it a bit and sent it to Karen. I felt all insecure and was like, “You know, if you’re feeling it, if you could come up with something, but if not, it’s cool.” And then I didn’t hear back for a while. So, I sheepishly reached out again, and was like, “Hey, no pressure, if you weren’t feeling it, it’s cool.” And Karen was like, “OMG! I sent it back to you a week ago. I thought you hated what I did so much you didn’t ever want to speak to me again.” I told her I never got it, and we agreed that being an artist was insane and we laughed at our psycho- insecurity, and were both psyched on what she called our “rad track.”

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