[MP3] Trailblazer: “Don’t Need It Anyway”

Our Lexington buddy Trailblazer seems like he might be one of the busiest guys in town. He’s shot music videos for a couple bands in the area, played a few shows and now he just let me know that he’s got two cassettes coming out soon — that’s 12 new songs since his last release in fall. Here’s “Don’t Need It Anyway” off Night People.

MP3: Trailblazer – Don’t Need It Anyway

I actually posted on the video for “Don’t Need It Anway” this morning, then found out from Coleman that I had the go-ahead to share the MP3. So if you dig the song or just want to delve a little deeper into Lexington, I suggest you hit up the local section or just go straight to the Trailblazer post to check out his video and get a little more info on his upcoming releases.

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