Grails playing Zanzabar Tuesday April 19

Grails: “Almost Grew My Hair”

Grails/Softcheque/Nathan Salsburg
at Zanzabar in Louisville
Tuesday, April 19
$5 | 21+ | 9 p.m.

Though their albums have been filed into the metal playbox at WRFL in the past, Grails doesn’t fit easily into any category – I guess you could describe their sound as psychedelic post rock with a heavy surf-metal/spaghetti western flair, if you were so inclined. This band has been one of my favorite musical discoveries of the past five years – I was sold the moment I came home one night a few years ago to find my boyfriend blasting their 2007 masterpiece Burning Off Impurities whilst projecting the epic, sparse and visually stunning Jim Jarmusch western Dead Man (with its Neil Young-scored volume turned off) on our living room wall.

Likely due in part to the fact that guitarist Zak Riles now lives in Louisville, the primarily-Portland based group (which also features Emil Amos of Holy Sons and OM) will make a stop at the super intimate and accessible L-ville venue Zanzabar before embarking on nine dates with guitar virtuoso James Blackshaw. Louisville gems Softcheque, who have a new album out themselves, and Nathan Salsburg open. Big props to new Louisville production team OK Productions for helping make this happen.

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