[VIDEO] COOLRUNNINGS: “Dracula is Only the Beginning”

While not my favorite track on Dracula Is Only the Beginning, the title track is definitely the one with the best title. Thanks to Weekly Tape Deck for posting this insane music video. It’s an unofficial work done by Theiving Walrus, but hey — any excuse to post about COOLRUNNINGS again this week.

Earlier this week I fell pretty hard for COOLRUNNINGS, specifically their new album from which this song is pulled. Definitely suggest that you check ’em out and buy their newest album if you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] COOLRUNNINGS: “Dracula is Only the Beginning””

  1. It’s depressing how much more ass Royal Bangs kicks with 3 people than to these bros.

  2. It’s depressing how you think people care about your opinion. COOLRUNNINGS///ROYAL BANGS///TEAMS///WALSH///WYLD FUKKEN STALLYNS is tearing shit up. Fuck off buddy.

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