[MP3] COOLRUNNINGS: “Chorus” & “Brunettes”

And just by posting this cover image I have ensured that my girlfriend will say “ew” the next time she looks at my site. But hey, it’s unique and memorable.

Where to start with COOLRUNNINGS? First of all, if anyone in the band wants to let me know if I have to keep writing the name in all caps, that’d be handy. Secondly, I feel pretty thick-skulled for waiting this long to check out this band. It seems like half of the blogs I read have been pushing COOLRUNNINGS for at least all of 2011. And man, these guys are awesome. Expect to see me cover everything they do until they commit the fatal but common error of inviting Will.i.am to do some guest vocals/production.

Is there a better/worse record to come out the same week that Panda Bear’s Tomboy leaked? I say better because it’s a great stylistic compliment to Tomboy; I say worse because there are times… where I think COOLRUNNINGS might have songs that could beat a few on Tomboy. Not that they’re really comparable albums, just that I think COOLRUNNINGS had their head in the same place as Noah for a lot of this reacord — which, by the way, is called Dracula Is Only The Beginning. Fantastic, right?

Stream/buy COOLRUNNINGS’ album on Bandcamp

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  1. If you haven’t, check out . It’s their label, with a lot of cool stuff from Knoxville and beyond. And it’s all free d/l or pay what you want.

  2. Link didn’t show up, but it’s Dracula Horse, totally at the top of the bandcamp page. My b.

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