[MP3/VIDEO] The Gift: “Made For You”

I got sent this video and MP3 from Portugal’s The Gift. I will admit that I was drawn to the email because I instinctively assume any email that starts with “Portugal” will be about Portugal the Man. I was initially let down, but shortly thereafter elated.

MP3: The Gift – Made for You
“Made For You” is a blissful union of psych-pop and wide-sighted composition. It feels like Danish psych poppers Oh No Ono and the Polyphonic Spree teamed up to write a song together.

The Gift: “Made For You”

2 thoughts on “[MP3/VIDEO] The Gift: “Made For You””

  1. it´s a cool song indeed, but the problem with The Gift is that always sounds like some else “teamed up to write a song together”.

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