[VIDEO] Alden Penner: “Last Shelter” // solo EP Odes to the House out now!

We’ve known for a while that Alden had a new solo album on the way. In fact, that’s only one of the projects we know he’s got on the burner. But now we’ve got some concrete info on his solo record — really, we’ve got all the info!

Alden’s new album is actually a solo EP: Odes to the House. It was released yesterday on Beep Beep Back up the Truck. You can buy it right now in a variety of options and formats.

“The collection of songs are dedicated to the people of the world, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East, who have been expressing their desire for justice and peace in recent months, in the hopes this energy and fervour can be channeled into true and enduring emancipation from the weight of grievous oppression.”, says Alden.

Stream the entire EP over at Alden’s Bandcamp page

Thanks to WLFY for the keen eye on all Alden-related projects.

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